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Top 10 Largest Cosmetic eCommerce Websites in Vietnam

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has posed significant challenges to international trade and exports. To counteract these challenges and boost sales by reaching online consumers, numerous companies spanning various industries, including the cosmetics sector, have embraced eCommerce solutions.

Furthermore, as part of the broader trend of global economic evolution, cosmetic retailers are transitioning from traditional business approaches to support eCommerce endeavors and achieve growth and scalability goals.

Within Vietnam, a select group of cosmetic companies has displayed remarkable adaptability and agility in responding to market shifts, even amid the intricate changes brought about by the global pandemic.

The following brands have not only gained the trust of cosmetic consumers but have also left a lasting impact by establishing professional and insightful eCommerce websites.


Established in April 2016 with the aim of providing comprehensive health and beauty solutions to the Vietnamese population, Hasaki has successfully cultivated secure and efficient online shopping experiences. These experiences encompass a wide array of premium cosmetic products sourced from some of the most renowned global brands in today’s market.

Hasaki’s eCommerce platform has been meticulously developed right from its inception, leveraging the open-source Magento platform. This strategic approach ensures that clients can enjoy the utmost comfort and efficiency while making online purchases.

The remarkable traffic volume of over 7 million monthly visitors is a testament to the astute nature of Hasaki’s eCommerce investment. This substantial traffic underscores the effectiveness of the company’s strategies, which encompass expanding the distribution network, enhancing market penetration, and astutely identifying and diversifying the target customer base.

  • Website:
  • eCommerce platform: Magento
  • Traffic: 7.244m/month
  • Ranking: 514 (Vietnam); 26,288 (Global)
  1. The Gioi Skin Food

The Gioi Skin Food stands out as another prominent eCommerce platform, attracting a substantial monthly visitor count of over 2 million individuals. Specializing in cosmetics, this enterprise collaborated with Haravan to craft an efficient eCommerce website characterized by a user-friendly interface.

The adoption of eCommerce by The Gioi Skin Food, in conjunction with its conventional brick-and-mortar retail approach, has yielded remarkable success. This strategic move has enabled the company to align with the online-to-offline (O2O) trend, thereby enhancing brand visibility and revenue generation.

  1. Watsons Vietnam

The Watsons Group, a leading health and beauty retail conglomerate in Asia, is the parent organization of Watsons Vietnam brand. The company is committed to delivering an exceptional shopping experience to Vietnamese consumers while offering them top-quality products tailored to their requirements.

Notably, Watsons swiftly embraced the online-to-offline (O2O) business model upon its entry into the Vietnamese market. With the ambition of asserting its market dominance, Watsons Vietnam invested in the establishment of an eCommerce website powered by SAP Commerce Cloud, complementing its physical store network spread across various neighborhoods in Ho Chi Minh City.

Moreover, the website’s user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface plays a significant role in driving remarkable monthly traffic, surpassing 1 million visits.

  • Website:
  • eCommerce platform: SAP Commerce Cloud
  • Traffic: 1.267M/month
  • Ranking: 2,715 (Vietnam); 129,769 (Global)
  1. The Gioi Son Moi

The Gioi Son Moi has solidified its reputation as a renowned destination for lipstick enthusiasts, owing to its commitment to product quality and the professionalism of its staff. This establishment consistently delivers on these aspects, attracting customers seeking a reliable source for lipstick products. The store continuously introduces new items, ensuring a well-stocked inventory of popular lipstick lines from reputable brands, all available in a variety of shades at competitive prices.

In a bid to stay at the forefront of the cosmetic retail landscape, The Gioi Son Moi promptly ventured into the realm of eCommerce. This strategic move complemented its two physical locations in Ho Chi Minh City, which are consistently being updated to expand the shopping area. The eCommerce website, built on the Haravan platform, boasts a straightforward yet sophisticated interface.

The remarkable monthly traffic volume, exceeding 1 million visits, further attests to the company’s astute business strategy, aligning seamlessly with the evolving trends within the market

  1. Bo Shop

Beauty enthusiasts in Ho Chi Minh City are undoubtedly familiar with Bo Shop, a company renowned for its extensive collection of premium cosmetics encompassing skincare and makeup products. Bo Shop prides itself on offering products at explicitly stated prices, catering to diverse beauty care needs.

Recognizing the significance of staying current with modern business practices, the company swiftly established an eCommerce website utilizing WooCommerce. This strategic move is in line with its aspirations to ascend as the foremost cosmetic retail brand in Vietnam

  • Website:
  • eCommerce Platform: WooCommerce
  • Monthly Traffic: 1.020 million visits
  • Ranking: 5,030 (Vietnam); 234,462 (Global)
  1. Guardian

For several years, Vietnamese cosmetics consumers have been well-acquainted with the brand Guardian. Originating from the Dairy Farm Group, Guardian is renowned for manufacturing and distributing renowned health and beauty products across Asia. Since its introduction to Vietnam in 2011, Guardian has expanded to encompass over 100 retail outlets in the country.

In 2019, the company embarked on a transformative journey, seamlessly integrating offline and online business models. To establish an omnichannel sales network, Guardian prioritized the creation of eCommerce websites utilizing Shopify. Additionally, the company leveraged diverse sales channels such as eCommerce platforms, apps, and rapid delivery services through platforms like GrabMart.

This strategic move aimed to offer customers more affordable, swift, and convenient options for home shopping. Within a short span, the Guardian website has attracted nearly 1 million monthly visitors.

Through substantial investments in building a multi-channel ecosystem, Guardian has ascended to industry leadership and evolved into the most prominent and extensive retail chain for health and beauty products available today.

  1. Lam Thao Cosmetics

Since its establishment in 2017, Lam Thao Cosmetics has become a beloved destination for young individuals seeking cosmetics. The brand has cultivated a dedicated following by consistently enriching its product range with the latest and most affordably-priced offerings, aiming to provide customers with diverse options and an enhanced shopping experience.

In addition to delivering top-notch products, Lam Thao Cosmetics has extended its reach through an eCommerce website hosted on the Haravan platform. This strategic move aims to elevate the purchasing experiences of both offline and online customers. The successful integration of eCommerce has not only enabled Lam Thao Cosmetics to tap into a substantial online audience but has also resulted in increased sales and heightened brand recognition.

  1. Nuty Cosmetics

For cosmetics enthusiasts, Nuty Cosmetics stands as a veritable haven. Over the course of more than a decade, amidst market fluctuations, the business has maintained its status as a revered destination for authentic beauty products sourced from renowned manufacturers in the US, Germany, France, Japan, and Korea.

Nuty Cosmetics opted for the WooCommerce platform to build its website, featuring a user-friendly interface and exceptional functionalities that cater to a satisfying online shopping experience. Furthermore, the Nuty Cosmetics website provides comprehensive details about each product, accompanied by transparent pricing.

Though the current monthly visitor count on the site stands at approximately 200,000, Nuty Cosmetics possesses the potential to emerge as a dominant player in the cosmetics industry with the right strategies and a dedicated approach.

  • Website:
  • eCommerce Platform: WooCommerce
  • Monthly Traffic: 229,347 visits
  • Ranking: 7,505 (Vietnam); 352,535 (Global)
  1. AB Beauty World

Amid the tumultuous Covid-19 outbreak of 2020, AB Beauty World (ABBW) emerged with an ambitious mission: to become the premier family-friendly cosmetics retailer in Vietnam. Despite its inception coinciding with challenging circumstances, the brand persevered and displayed remarkable resilience.

In fact, AB Beauty World has defied the odds and experienced significant growth. In just two years since inaugurating its first store in HCMC, the brand has expanded its footprint to encompass around 20 branches strategically situated across various districts of the city. This expansion has been accompanied by a strong emphasis on the development of eCommerce, a strategic pivot that proved timely and beneficial.

The cosmetics website of AB Beauty World, powered by WooCommerce, boasts a tailored interface and functionalities designed to cater to the industry’s demands. Despite its status as a newcomer in the realm of digital transformation, the website has managed to attract more than 150,000 visitors in the brief time since its launch, a testament to its favorable reception within the competitive landscape.

  • Website:
  • eCommerce platform: WooCommerce
  • Traffic: 157,602/month
  • Ranking: 3,538 (Vietnam); 169,419 (Global)
  1. Beauty Garden

Beauty Garden stands as one of today’s leading retail and distribution brands for authentic cosmetics. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has demonstrated effective expansion of its retail network, establishing a presence in numerous provinces, major cities, and smaller towns across the country. Notable locations include Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Dak Lak, Gia Lai, Dong Nai, and Can Tho.

Furthermore, Beauty Garden has directed its focus toward the development of eCommerce platforms within the context of economic integration. To this end, the company’s website has been meticulously and systematically crafted using WooCommerce, a globally recognized and widely adopted eCommerce development platform, uniquely suitable for the cosmetics industry.

The decision to implement eCommerce by Beauty Garden is strategically astute, considering the considerable growth potential within this sector. Even though the user base may currently be modest, with over 100,000 monthly visitors, the company recognized the substantial advantages and business model-building opportunities available at the time.

  • Website:
  • eCommerce platform: WooCommerce
  • Traffic: 127,439/month
  • Ranking: 6,029 (Vietnam); 284,460 (Global)

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, consumer shopping behaviors have undergone substantial shifts, impacting various product categories. Notably, the cosmetics industry has witnessed a pronounced transition from traditional in-person shopping to online channels.

The information provided serves as a condensed overview and assessment of GMA’s evaluation of 10 reputable eCommerce websites, all of which possess the capability to cater to customers’ requirements when making decisions to purchase cosmetics. These companies exemplify their commitment to constructing the necessary technological framework for an enhanced online shopping experience. Moreover, their optimistic outlook underscores their belief in the considerable growth potential and eventual dominance of the Vietnamese market.

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