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Learn from Innisfree – A Korean Cosmetic Brand in Vietnam

For Vietnamese consumers, especially female customers, Innisfree is one of the prominent names when it comes to Korean cosmetic brands. Only officially entered the Vietnamese market in 2016, but before that, Innisfree was a familiar name to many Vietnamese thanks to the wave of Hallyu culture. Over 20 years of establishment and development, let’s discover what this natural brand has done to conquer Vietnamese consumers.

1. Overview of the Innisfree brand

Innisfree is a brand established in 2000, under the leading cosmetics and skincare company in Korea – Amore Pacific. Since its establishment, Innisfree has been affirmed as “Korea’s first natural cosmetic brand”.

In addition to Innisfree, Amore Pacific is also the “common home” of more than 30 other cosmetic, personal care, and health care brands, including many familiar names to Vietnamese people such as Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Mamonde, or Etude House.

Amore Pacific – famous Korean beauty group

Since 2000, the Innisfree brand has chosen to be the pioneer in making the 5 no criteria: “No mineral oil – No artificial colorants – No animal ingredients – No parabens – No ethanol”.

To date, Innisfree has proven successful with 1,700 stores spread across 15 countries. Innisfree is famous for its product lines with stable quality, affordable prices, well-built brand image, and actions associated with the protection of forests and nature. In Vietnam, Innisfree owns 6 stores:

  • Innisfree Hai Ba Trung Ho Chi Minh City

Add: 257 Hai Ba Trung, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Innisfree Vincom Dong Khoi Ho Chi Minh City

Add: 72 Le Thanh Ton, Ward Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Innisfree Nguyen Trai Ho Chi Minh City

Add: 40-42 Nguyen Trai, Ward Ben Thanh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Innisfree Crescent Mall Ho Chi Minh City

Add: Ground floor, Crescent Mall, Ward Tan Phu, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Innisfree Landmark81

Add: Floor L1, Vincom Landmark 81, 720A Dien Bien Phu, Ward 22, District Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Innisfree Ba Trieu Ha Noi

Add: 290 Ba Trieu, Ward Le Dai Hanh, District Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi

Innisfree’s first store in Vietnam opened at the end of 2016

2. Brand Image

a) Brand name

The brand name “Innisfree” is derived from the poem “The Lake Isle of Innisfree” (roughly translated: The lake on the island of Innisfree) by the famous Irish poet, playwright, 1923 Nobel Prize for Literature – William Butler Yeats.

The name “Innisfree” when read up evokes the image of the wild and rich nature of Jeju Island – a world natural heritage site, and also a nursery ground for precious raw materials for each product. of the brand.

The name “Innisfree” implicitly conveys two main messages:

  • A benign cosmetic brand, with environmentally friendly packaging
  • Ingredients from the beautiful island of Jeju, just like in the poetry of W.B. Yeats

b) Logo

Innisfree’s logo is inspired by the dark green of the Bija forest on Jeju Island, making each customer feel the closer natural beauty.

c) Slogan

“Natural Benefits from JEJU” – Natural Benefits from JEJU Island

Through the slogan, the brand wants to honor the rich and beautiful nature of JEJU island and its healthy beauty. This slogan hopes that users will remember Innisfree as a close and easy-to-use brand, especially the Millennials generation (born in the 1980s to 2000s).

d) Brand Representative

Referring to Innisfree, people must think of YoonA, a member of the Girls’ Generation, the “national first love” of Korea, the representative face who has been with Innisfree for 11 years.

YoonA used to have 11 years with Innisfree since 2010, when the female idol was 20 years old

Most recently, this brand announced Jang Won Young – a GenZ artist born in 2004 to become the new “muse”.

Jang Wonyoung, a 17-year-old female idol with pure jade beauty, is the new “muse” of Innisfree

3. Analysis of Innisfree’s Marketing Mix strategy in Vietnam

a) Product Strategy 

The most noticeable thing is that Innisfree is extremely “hardworking” to research and invest in technology to increasingly diversify its product lines. However, the core ingredients in the products are all inspired by as well as the source of ingredients that the company has pursued since the beginning – Jeju Island.

Until now, Innisfree has launched a series of products made from green ingredients such as green tea, volcanic ash, purple orchid, bija oil, cherry blossom, deep sea water, Yeongjucho mushroom, seaweed, honey canola bee, olive, red pomegranate…

Innisfree Green Tea – a product line that specializes in moisturizing green tea leaves, with fresh green packaging
Jeju Cherry Blossom – product line from cherry blossom leaves on Jeju Island with sweet pink packaging
Innisfree Jeju Hallabong Daily Skin Bright – a skin-lightening product line with Hallabong tangerine extract has a warm brown-orange color
Innisfree Volcanic Jeju – Jeju volcanic ash product line with characteristic brown color

Although focusing on skin-care products, Innisfree also indulges customers with makeup, hair, body, and product lines specifically for men.

Innisfree’s makeup products are also outstanding
Innisfree Forest For Men All-in-one Essence pore care comprehensive product

It can be seen that Innisfree’s products have covered and met all the needs of Vietnamese customers. For all genders, all ages, and all skin or body problems, there will be an Innisfree product that meets the needs of consumers.

Serious investment in products is one of Innisfree’s success factors

b) Price Strategy

It is easy to see that Innisfree’s products are priced from low to mid-range, suitable for its customers who are young women.

The most popular price for Innisfree products is from 200,000-300,000 VND ( ~ $10 -15 US), this is a comfortable price range for students – students, and office workers. Innisfree’s cheapest products are skin care products: cleanser, toner, mask, moisturizer, moisturizer, serum… or popular makeup products: sunscreen, powder. , lip balm, eyebrow pencil … These are all products that have gentle effects on the skin, such as cleaning, moisture balance, and water supply … suitable for young people when the facial skin still does not have too many complicated problems.

Most of Innisfree’s products are very affordable

And the product lines in the higher segment of Innisfree are often products that treat more complex problems of the skin, such as acne skin, anti-aging, and shrinking pores. These products are also aimed at customers with more stable incomes, so the high prices applied by Innisfree are understandable. About 800,000 VND ( ~US$34) is the product with the highest price of the brand.

JEJU Orchid, the high-end product line of Innisfree

Not only setting different prices for each product line and customer, but Innisfree also regularly applies promotions, shopping combos, and gifts attached on special occasions of the year or at launch. new product. In addition, when customers shop online, Innisfree also applies incentives when buying up to 299, 399, x99 … and will be offered incentives such as extra gifts, free shipping, and loyalty points. 

Discount programs when buying in combos are often deployed by Innisfree on holidays

At direct shopping stores or e-commerce booths in Vietnam, the products with the cheapest prices, the most prominent, which can be called the “signature” of the company are always promoted. This helps to increase people’s awareness of the Innisfree brand as well as increase brand awareness among customers.

c) Distribution Strategy (Place)

In Vietnam, it is easy to find Innisfree stores in large commercial centers which makes it easier for brands to reach younger customers.

Innisfree products are also displayed separately for each product line, helping customers receive a deeper distinction about their uses. Besides, the brand also cleverly designs beautiful small water tanks, and fresh plant pots to create a feeling of being closer to nature.

In Vietnam, Innisfree stores are always available at major shopping centers

In addition to well-invested and cared-for direct-selling stores, Innisfree also has a sales channel on the official website at and popular e-commerce platforms.

Innisfree encourages online shopping with promotions

Innisfree now has official stores at popular e-commerce sites in Vietnam, and the number of followers and purchases per month is extremely impressive.

Innisfree has over 1.6 million followers on Shopee
With more than 650 thousand followers on Lazada

d) Promotion Strategy

On the homepage in Vietnam, Innisfree also clearly shows this: “We are taking action every day. Not only do we work for your skin, but we are also working to bring sustainable beauty value to the environment.” 

Many programs to preserve nature and support environmental protection activities are also implemented by Innisfree to strengthen its reputation such as:

  • The campaign “Collect empty jars”.
  • Sponsor the project “Olle Road” on Jeju Island.
  • Campaign “Ecological handkerchief”.
  • “Green Forest Campaign” to prevent deforestation.

From Play Green Empty Bottle Campaign to Green Forest Campaign, the first in-forest has been a great effort of Innisfree and all Inn-friends to color the Earth green. On June 24th, Innisfree and Giang oi has traveled to Lang Sen Wetland Reserve.


In Vietnam, Innisfree is especially loved by young people thanks to its product quality and positive and meaningful activities.

4. Conclusion

Through analyzing Innisfree’s activities from the perspective of the 4P marketing mix, it can be seen that the standout features of this brand are the natural ingredients, product variety, and affordable price while still bringing a sense of satisfaction as a high-end cosmetic brand. And this is also how Innisfree has grown and stood firm over the years.

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