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6 Best Marketing Tactics in Vietnam for Fashion Brands

The fashion industry in Vietnam relies heavily on marketing for sales and profits. Fashion marketing is the key to success if foreign fashion brands can bring creativity and designer vision to life, conveying interesting stories about products to Vietnamese users. The most important aspect of fashion marketing is determining the target market the item is aimed at. Other aspects include building product images, deciding how products are displayed in stores, creating launching campaigns., etc.

Looking for some marketing inspiration for your fashion brand in Vietnam? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with the latest marketing trends in Vietnam that both local and international brands are using to create successful campaigns.


In Vietnam, consumers are big on social media, customer reviews, and mobile apps when it comes to discovering and learning about brands. In fact, 26.1% of internet users in Vietnam use video sites to research brands they might want to buy from. That’s why businesses are using social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram to reach potential customers.

Fashion brands should at least establish official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts, from which they apply a smart content marketing strategy to convert followers into buying customers.

Here are some tactics to help you generate more orders through your social media accounts:

1) Image Is Extremely Important

Try to compare these 2 images:

When you look at the below picture, you immediately think: “This is cheap, poor quality goods”. Your clothes can by high quality but you don’t know how to take pictures to showcase all of their signature features.

ình ảnh quần áo thời trang xấu

And this picture, “Oh. Look at it! They look luxurious”.

ình ảnh quần áo thời trang đẹp

How you photograph your products can create either a positive or negative impression in the minds of your customers. Therefore, here are some points you should take note of and execute well.

To capture beautiful product images for fashion clothing items, you should consider the following:

  • Choose a background with high contrast to make the product stand out.
  • Take photos from various angles to test for the best angle
  • Include at least one close-up shot to showcase the fabric’s texture.
  • Provide images of the clothing hanging on a hook and also worn by a model.
  • Utilize additional accessories like spotlights to enhance the presentation.
  • Authentic images are more effective than overly edited one.

2) Content Must Emphasize The Difference and Your Brand’s Own Imprint

  • Do your products use high-quality imported fabrics? Highlight it!
  • Do any Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) wear your clothing? Show it off to your customers!
  • Are your items the latest and trendiest designs? Capitalize on that!
  • Do you have any enticing promotional offers? Let your customers see them!

3) Name Your Fanpage Smartly

This is a point GMA wants to bring to your attention, as even though it may seem small, it can significantly impact the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns when selling products on Facebook.

When naming your Fanpage, you should use: Brand Name + the products you sell. Adding the products you sell to your Fanpage name helps in the following way: Customers searching for products => Will come across your Fanpage.

For example:

  • ABC Mart – The world of trendy fashion
  • XYZ Shop – Sexy Lady Fashion …

4) Persuasive Sales Consultation

To generate more orders, foreign fashion brands need a clever customer consultation strategy. Many sales representatives lack proper training, leading to a lack of ideas when advising customers.

  • If asked about the price, they simply provide the price.
  • If asked to see images, they send the images.

Even some experienced salespeople don’t know how to effectively consult customers to close the most orders.

Vietnamese customers buying fashion online require detailed product information because they can’t try the clothing on directly. They also feel uncertain about the fit and suitability of the product. Therefore, how you advise customers will determine the number of orders you receive.

5) Proper Customer Care

What is considered good customer care? It means after they make a purchase, you have to inquire, take care, and see if the items they received are okay and if they fit well, if they are satisfied with their purchase…

There are two main purposes for doing this:

  • First, to gather feedback from the customers. If the feedback is positive, you can immediately share it on Facebook to showcase your products. If the feedback is negative, you need to make adjustments to improve something.
  • Second, to leave a positive impression on the customers that you are a caring and thoughtful seller. This will encourage them to come back for more purchases.

After making a phone call to inquire about their satisfaction, you can take an additional step by adding them to your friend list on Zalo (a messaging app).

Why? So that when you post something on your Zalo account, they will see it and might make further purchases!

6) Utilize Livestreams to sell

In the era of Industry 4.0, as technology and social media become integral parts of people’s lives, selling through livestreams has become the quickest way to convert potential customers. When buying online, customers not only need images and videos but also direct interaction and guidance through livestreams to make purchase decisions.

Customers can comment, share, and express their feelings during the livestream. The host of the livestream will respond to comments and directly close deals with their customers. To be successful in selling through livestreams, you need to understand your target customers and create a profile of your ideal customer group that aligns with the products you offer.

Before going live, prepare a script, introduce product information, highlight the product’s strengths, prices, and any discounts or offers available exclusively during the livestream to entice customers. Most importantly, explain why customers should buy and use your products.

Appearance and the ability to speak fluently and confidently are additional advantages to attract viewers to your livestream. Announce the livestream schedule in advance and choose time slots when more people have time to watch. Before starting the livestream, you can tag friends, share it in groups, share it on your accounts. The more viewers you have, the more it will attract others to join in.

During the livestream, always encourage viewers to share, comment, and tag their friends to receive special offers or gifts.


1) Choose The Right Platform

In Vietnam, Facebook is the most popular platform when it comes to collaborating with KOLs, followed by Instagram and YouTube.

Influencers in the fashion industry have built a dedicated following that aligns with a fashion brand’s target audience. Partnering with influencers allows brands to access a larger pool of potential customers who are already interested in fashion and style. This targeted approach ensures that the brand’s message reaches the right audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

For example, Chau Bui is a prominent name in the Vietnamese fashion world. Chau Bui has excellently won the Top Fashion Influencer of the Year at Influence Asia award held in Malaysia in 2017, in other words, he is a trendsetter, creating a fashion trend for young people.

2) Establish Credibility & Trust With Their Followers Through Their Consistent & Relatable Content

When influencers promote a fashion brand, their audience sees it as a genuine recommendation rather than a traditional advertisement. This authenticity helps build trust and fosters a positive brand image.

3) Create Engaging & Visually Appealing Content That Showcases A Fashion Brand’s Products In Real-life Situations. 

Through outfit photos, videos, or style tips, influencers can demonstrate how to incorporate the brand’s clothing and accessories into everyday fashion, inspiring their followers and generating interest in the brand

4) Increase Brand Awareness & Exposure

Partnering with influencers exposes a fashion brand to a wider audience, including the followers of the influencer and potentially new audiences through shares, tags, and recommendations. This increased brand awareness can lead to higher visibility, improved brand recognition, and a broader reach, ultimately driving more traffic and potential customers to the brand’s website or physical stores.


1) Showcase New Collections

Fashion shows and events provide an ideal platform for fashion brands to debut their latest collections. These events allow brands to present their designs, styles, and trends in a visually appealing and immersive manner. By participating, brands can generate excitement and anticipation among attendees, media, and industry professionals.

Do Long’s fashion show – the breath of the Sea

2) Build Brand Image & Credibility 

 Fashion shows and events offer an opportunity for brands to establish and strengthen their brand image and credibility. By presenting their collections alongside other reputable designers and brands, fashion brands can enhance their perceived value and prestige within the industry. Being associated with high-profile events can significantly boost brand recognition and reputation.

3) Media Exposure & Press Coverage

Fashion shows and events attract media attention, including fashion journalists, bloggers, and photographers. Participating brands have the opportunity to gain valuable media exposure and press coverage, which can significantly increase brand visibility and reach a wider audience. Positive reviews and features in fashion publications can further enhance the brand’s reputation and attract potential customers.


1) Increase Brand Awareness

Online contests and giveaways can generate buzz and increase brand awareness. By promoting the contest across social media platforms and other online channels, brands can reach a wider audience and attract new followers who may not have been aware of their brand previously.

2) Generate User-Generated Content (UGC): 

Contests and giveaways often require participants to create and share content related to the brand, such as outfit photos or styling ideas. This user-generated content can be a valuable asset for fashion brands, as it showcases their products in real-life situations and provides authentic social proof. Brands can leverage this UGC for future marketing campaigns and on their social media platforms.


1) Market Expertise

Local retailers in Vietnam have a deep understanding of the local fashion market, including consumer preferences, trends, and shopping behaviors. Collaborating with a local retailer allows fashion brands to tap into their expertise and insights, ensuring that their products are well-aligned with the specific needs and tastes of Vietnamese consumers.

2) Access To Established Distribution Channels

Local retailers typically have an established network of physical stores, online platforms, and distribution channels that can provide fashion brands with wider market reach and visibility. By partnering with a local retailer, brands can leverage their existing infrastructure and customer base to expand their presence in the Vietnamese market more efficiently.

3) Trust and Customer Loyalty

Local retailers often have established relationships and trust with their customers. By collaborating with a trusted local retailer, fashion brands can benefit from the retailer’s reputation and customer loyalty. This association can help instill confidence in the brand among Vietnamese consumers, leading to increased brand trust, repeat purchases, and long-term customer loyalty.

4) Marketing & Promotional Support

Local retailers often have established marketing and promotional strategies in place to reach their target audience. By collaborating with a local retailer, fashion brands can leverage their marketing channels, customer databases, and promotional activities to create awareness and drive sales. This shared marketing support can save brands time and resources while effectively reaching their target customers.


1) Cultural Relevance

UGC created by local influencers and Vietnamese consumers can provide a strong cultural connection for fashion brands in Vietnam. It allows brands to showcase their products in a way that resonates with the local audience, incorporating local trends, styles, and preferences. This cultural relevance enhances the brand perception and increases the likelihood of engaging with Vietnamese consumers effectively.

2) Trust & Authenticity

UGC are highly trusted and perceived as authentic by consumers. It holds influence over people’s purchasing decisions. By leveraging such kind of content, fashion brands can tap into the trust and authenticity they have cultivated, enhancing the brand’s credibility and building trust with the Vietnamese audience.


Promotion tactics are essential for any foreign business. Brand marketing strategy is successful when you understand it and implement it with the most effective methods.

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