Top 10 KOLs for Luxury Fashion in Vietnam

Top 10 KOLs for Luxury Fashion in Vietnam

2023 is known as the booming year of the domestic entertainment industry in particular with many events and programs. Especially with the attraction and influence of famous figures (KOL / Influencer) making luxury fashion trends more exciting than ever. Let’s take an in-depth look at the top 10 Fashion KOLs with the most followers in Vietnam today!

  1. Chau Bui – Unlimited Personality

Referring to the fashionista world in Vietnam, Chau Bui will definitely be a name that cannot be ignored. Despite her modest height, this stylish lookbook model has appeared and impressed in many fashion weeks at home and abroad. As a trendsetter, fashion inspiration for young people, Chau Bui excellently won the Top Fashion Influencer of the Year at Influence Asia award held in Malaysia in 2017. Three years later, she continued to honor. is in the list of 10 most influential influencers in the high fashion segment voted by Forbes France magazine.

Chau Bui will be the ideal influencer for high-fashion enthusiasts. Besides, she is also a typical fashion representative for breaking all limits through non-stop and not afraid to change the image.

Chau Bui is very impressed with Mathilda’s short hair at Seoul Fashion Week
Chau Bui with signature African braid hairstyle in Dior’s Cruise 2020 collection

Continuing his personal mark on the world stage, Chau Bui is the first Vietnamese representative to confirm that he will participate in 2 Fashion Weeks of Fall – Winter 2023.

  1. Quynh Anh Shyn – Transforming from “hot girl” into a genuine Fashionista

Known as a hot girl with a beautiful and clear appearance, Quynh Anh Shyn has had a spectacular makeover for the Vietnamese fashion village. Once controversial when she changed her image, Quynh Anh Shyn is still passionate about pursuing a new style, going beyond the “safe zone” and now has become one of the most influential Vietnamese influencers in the fashion industry.

Quynh Anh Shyn has been building her own image: more personality, more prominent. Follow her social network, you will be satisfied by the dress gout and the eye-catching combinations in each photo shoot posted. She also made a strong impression on the fashion world when she released her first fashion collection – SEEN. In addition, Quynh Anh Shyn also shares a lot of fashion knowledge as well as tips to mix & match on her own Youtube channel.

Quynh Anh Shyn is at Milan Fashion Week 2023
  1. Khanh Linh – Trendy from name to fashion gout

For fashionholics, Cô Em Trendy ( Miss Trendy) is not a strange name. This is one of these youtube channels that has a great influence on Vietnamese fashion. About 1,420,000 results for 0.34 seconds searching for the phrase “Miss Trendy” are enough to clearly see the heat and media coverage of Khanh Linh.

Before becoming famous as a Fashion Influencer, Khanh Linh participated in The Face 2017 and pursued a modeling career. She was even favored by everyone for the title of “Lookbook Queen” Ha Thanh. However, currently, Khanh Linh chooses to follow the path of Influencer and wants to inspire more public.

  1. Kelbin Lei

So far, Kelbin Lei is no longer a strange name in the Vietnamese fashion industry. With a personal and new style of dress, Kelbin Lei is an extremely prominent face and is loved and admired by many young people.

As a professional stylist and has collaborated with many great artists, Kelbin Lei has a very unique and unique fashion sense. He is always attracted by outstanding colors such as red, black, orange, .. .. That’s why most of his outfits are combined with very impressive and attractive hot colors.

  1. Julia Doan – Black & White’s Unique Believer

Julia Doan is one of the famous fashion faces with the “identifying feature” of the sharp cat-eye eyeliner and especially the loyal fashion style with two colors white – black.

Not seeing herself as a fashionista, Julia focuses more on business, but undeniably the great influence of her extreme outfits. Julia has fully expressed the breath of fashion in her through her “brainchild” – Floralpunk, a combination of two seemingly opposite elements: “floral” – flowers and “punk” music. rock.

  1. Helly Tong – Pure Asian beauty

Prominent with a simple, elegant fashion sense mixed with the typical charm of Asian women, Helly Tong is known for a mature fashion image that is gentle but still attractive.

This young girl is also one of the rare Fashionistas who think of clothes as “accessories” to help her honor her discreet sophistication, not to show off her appearance. Because of that, many female followers of Helly Tong’s Instagram have been strongly inspired by the image of a young girl with a personality but very gentle, especially exalting the traditional beauty of women. 

  1. Amandine – Vietnamese-French muse

Recently, the image of the French model – Amandine is being covered on many social media channels after participating in the MV Hide and Seek by Den Vau. Amandine possesses beauty with a liberal and free breath. Parisian Chic is the fashion style that she wears every time she appears.

Answering Beautiful magazine, Amandine said that the secret to creating the Parisian Chic style is “Don’t be too polished!”. Following her, you can spot impressive features such as seductive tanned skin, light makeup with eyes without false eyelashes, and fashionable outfits that are most comfortable to wear. Amandine can slay an opponent with a perfect satin dress without any accessories!

  1. Duong Minh Ngoc – Top 100 most beautiful faces in the world 

Duong Minh Ngoc was once nominated in TC Candler’s List of 100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World. This list was published annually, starting in the 1990s, and is also considered the most widely recognized and prestigious list worldwide. Previously, she was known as a famous hot girl in Saigon youth. Now, she has become a model for the management company 21 Models.

Not only has a beautiful face and attractive charisma, but Duong Minh Ngoc also has an extremely impressive fashion sense. The outfits that she chooses have unique, even bold designs that show a little sassy and rebelliousness. From the image of a personality Japanese girl to the “mean girl” of the 1990s, Minh Ngoc conquers retro-style outfits with ease. In particular, the photos showing off her outfit on Instagram are often re-up by Korean local brands such as @blackup_kr and @l.e.e.y,… 

  1. Oanhdaqueen – The real-life version of the “Winx Magic” craze

Scoring for its bold style and glamorous outfits, it doesn’t take much to prove that Oanhdaqueen is seen as a live-action version of the fairy characters that have created the recent wave of “Winx Magic” in the TikTok platform. The perfect outfits like those coming out of her movie animation are both modern and “fashionable”.

Not only Oanhdaqueen impresses with this image, but Oanhdaqueen is also a familiar face on Instagram pages specializing in re-up photos of well-dressed girls (Instagram: @arthoefit or @waweglow) and especially on the Pinterest platform. Each post showing off her outfit on her personal Instagram collects tens to hundreds of thousands of likes.

  1. Naomi Roestel – The half-German beauty has a Retro breath

In addition to appearing as a singer with the “match card” – Wean Le, Naomi is a beauty with great coverage and popularity on social networks. She often impresses with natural nude makeup or deep Western brown and fashion gout with the imprint of the 90s. With a flawless hourglass body, Naomi’s “cabinet” items are The outfit hugs that the body, showing off all of her curves.

Naomi also shows her extreme mix & match talent when transforming simple clothes into more stylish ones with accessories such as hats, sunglasses, etc. She has also been awarded two brands @shopviviwei(UK) and @iamgia (Australia) favorably put pictures on its Instagram page thanks to the dress-up photos that deserve 10 points.

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