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Win Facebook in Vietnam with top strategies and tips only locals know

Vietnam is a country where Facebook marketing is a must. Facebook is the most popular social network in Vietnam, with more than 70% of the population using it.

How Facebook Users in Vietnam has grown over the years?

Facebook is not just about vacation photos and humblebrags. Facebook is the first place 40% of Vietnamese consumers learn about brands and products; and 45% of Vietnamese consumers use Facebook as a reference for buying decision.

Here are top Facebook best practices in Vietnam that every foreign business should know. No matter if you have a Page in Vietnam for years or if you are just starting out, this article will help you.

1. Publish a mixture of content to your Facebook page

Companies that publish more than 16 posts per month generate 3.5x more traffic than companies that publish less than 4 articles. Since Facebook posts take a lot of time and require extensive research, a content plan is essential for any business to reach a certain number of posts each month.

There are many post types that Facebook allows you to create. You would want to create an engaging feed that is filled with interesting content in different formats. Your feed should not be boring or predictable but fun and interesting to read.

5 types of Facebook Content that have caused a fever in the past year


A visually appealing infographic will convey information and figures in a clear, concise way. Synthesis of Infor + graphics means information + images. This content makes it easy for viewers to understand and remember the message. It also receives 3x more interaction than other types of Facebook Content. .


Facebook is the most popular platform for viewing short and medium-length videos in Vietnam. 87 percent of Vietnamese viewers use Facebook to view short and medium-length videos.

Vietnamese people are open to engaging with brands through videos. According to WARC, a survey of data analysts, 75% of Facebook users admit that Facebook video makes it 1.3x easier to interact with.

You can create a captivating Office Tour, Explainer Video, or music video. Upload your newly created video to Facebook, YouTube or any other video sharing platform to reach more people, get feedback, and to be favored for SEO.

Your video should be between 3-5 minutes and not too long.


In 2022, Memes were also identified as a “hot form” of Facebook Content. Although it’s easy to create a meme, it can go viral quickly because it’s extremely entertaining.

You don’t need to be a master at graphic design to create memes. All you need is a creative idea

Although, a meme can become viral and increase your fanpage’s followers quickly, using too many memes can reduce the value of your message or brand.

Product Review

Product reviews will be even more influential and viral if performed by many KOLs. Video is a great way to create a Product Review.

A product review should provide:

  • A detailed description of the products and services
  • what you find most interesting about the product/service
  • what you dislike about the product/service
  • Share your advice with users
  • A call-to-action to encourage people to purchase products/services.

An interesting product review video executed by an influencer and boosted by Facebook advertising can be very powerful to generate sales and reputation for your brand.

Giveaways and contests

A minigame is a great way to get customers to take action or to increase engagement and user attention.

This is essential for brand recognition, engagement, and reach. This will allow you to reach many people who will then use your products/services.

Remember that contests should be relevant to your target audience. For example, to attract a beauty-loving customer, you could offer skin care vouchers as prizes. The most popular prize for minigames are those that relate to the product/service offered by your business.

2. Boost your best contents with Facebook advertising

Facebook Ads are a great paid advertising channel. It has the potential to deliver immediate results and generate revenue. That’s why advertisers are spending less on traditional ad formats and more on Facebook ads, not only in Vietnam but worldwide.

Many people and businesses here are increasing the budget for Facebook advertising to maximize their effectiveness and expand their reach. As a new brand from abroad, you should do so, too.

Tips to run Facebook advertising effectively

1. Optimize Ad Images

To help your campaign reach more customers, invest in appealing and high quality images that convey the right message. However, you should note that the image size should be adjusted to the standard with Facebook’s regulations and the text in the image should not exceed 20%.

2. Prioritize posts that have lots of interaction

Instead of spending time writing new articles to promote your ads, why not choose posts that have the most interactions organically to help you run Facebook ads? This will allow you to save money while continuing to generate more interactions and conversions.

3. Run many small ad campaigns instead of a big one

Don’t spend your budget on a single campaign, the reach will certainly be very low. Instead of the 500,000 VND budget you spend on one campaign, you should split the budget into many small campaigns for many different audience groups. This is an effective way to run Facebook ads to help your products reach more customer groups that are used by many people today.

4. Run ads at golden times

You should run your campaigns during the golden hours, which is between 8:30 and 19:00. This time frame will allow you to promote your products and brand effectively. Many people mistakenly select the time period between 19:00 and 22:00 to run ads. However, it is important to note that is when people need to relax after work. You may not see the best results if you run ads during this period.

3. If you want to do online business on Facebook, you must livestream

When Facebook content and advertising have been increasingly saturated, live-streaming becomes a new and trendy solution for businesses and brands.

  • Live streaming will make it easier for customers to see the actual products and not photoshopped versions. Customers will therefore feel more confident about the products.
  • Live streaming is much more effective than simply posting status updates or uploading videos. Live streaming is free and will reach a large number of audience organically if it’s valuable and interesting to them.
  • Interaction rate is super high because it is like you talk to your customers directly in real life. This is obviously a more interesting and effective way of communication rather than posting statuses or videos.
  • Conversion rate is high. Live-streaming allows customers to see you and your products in real time. If your product, introduction, voice, and communication are good, it will be easier for you to close the sale since the customer has placed a certain amount of trust in you and your brand.
Tips to have more viewers for your livestream

  • Remember to announce the livestream schedule at least 6 hours in advance
  • Test the recording quality first before going live.
  • Impress viewers with the a little “shocking” or catchy title and description
  • Prepare the script well: You should prepare the script to ensure a smooth livestream.
  • Share livestream: Actively share and invite people to share the livestream.
  • Livestream should have a reasonable duration, should not be too short, nor too long.
  • Invite friends to watch live: Invite by tool or invite manually.
  • Turn on live notifications: For your followers, make sure that livestream notifications are sent to them when you go live.
  • Create mini games: This approach helps to increase interaction and increase reach for livestream.
  • Run livestream ads: If you live on the green tick page, you can run livestream ads to increase views.
  • Use the livestream eye display service: Pay to show the number of livestream views when you go live.

4. Build up a Facebook Group as a close community and enjoy organic sales stably

In Vietnam, Facebook groups are very active. They are like hundreds of close-knit communities of people who have the same interest. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a community where people share a common interest and interact every day! A Facebook Group will give your brand the same sense of belonging as a real community.

1. Create your brand’s own community or raise awareness of your brand in relevant FB groups

You can create your own FB group and maintain its activity and engagement with your interesting content plan. Especially, in Vietnam, people expect insider information or exclusive deals when joining a FB group.

There are also numerous FB groups which are relevant to your brands or products. You can employ people to become active and trustful members of the groups, then reference your brand and products. Since members are quite active in FB groups of topics they are interested in, building brand awareness and credibility by being recommended by members in the group proves very effective and should be well invested.

2. Use Facebook group as a forum to ask for feedback and ideas

Facebook Group, as mentioned earlier, is a place where people can freely voice their opinions than Facebook Page. Businesses can use this feature to get feedback from their customers, particularly during product launches. Your loyal customers can give you the “heartfelt feedback” you need. Post polls and open-ended questions to allow users to express themselves creatively. Remember that every feedback has a value. These responses will demonstrate to your customers that they are paying attention and will take action.

3. Increase trust and closeness for brands

Facebook Group creates a more intimate and friendly atmosphere for users to interact with one another or with brands. Meanwhile, Fanpage is a place where the company engages in a more formal way with the public. Facebook Group is the “land” for users. They can socialize more freely according to group rules and help to build more meaningful relationships. If brands can build up and maintain such a FB group, brands will in the long term have a strong community of customers that generate organic sales stably.

4. Each post will be notified to the user for free

It’s unlikely that a user would see every post on a Page, even if they like and follow that account. This is why Facebook Groups are so useful. Each member who joins your Group will receive notifications for every post unless they choose to disable notifications (which is unlikely if the members are interested in the topic being discussed). There is always lively discussion. If you have many members, they will be notified about any posts that you make. This will help drive customer interest in your product or any activity that is in progress. To encourage consumers to buy products from your company, you can organize minigames and giveaways. With every post immediately notified to all users, the engagement rate in Facebook Groups is higher than that on Fanpage.

5. Use Facebook Messenger to increase orders, fast!

Up to 85% of Vietnamese users use Facebook Messenger to chat, shop, ask for product information, promotions, purchase conditions, store locations, etc.

In Vietnam, with a high user rate, FB Messenger is increasingly used for the purposes of buying and selling goods by many businesses beside a chat application.

Small and medium businesses, especially, often use FB Messenger to sell and close orders effectively. Now many larger businesses have also started to utilize FB Messenger for their marketing and sales campaign. Not only used to consult customers, Messenger is also an effective tool to do after-sale service and maintain relationship with customers.

Therefore, you should integrate Messenger into your Marketing campaigns and be surprised by the benefits that this tool brings.

5 marketing strategies on Facebook Messenger to increase your orders, fast!

Run ads on Facebook Messenger

Ads on Facebook Messenger has been implemented and developed by Facebook recently. Users will see your ads displayed naturally on Facebook Messenger (even without realizing they are sponsored ads) and have a sense of interest in your business. In many cases, users will also click on those ads and proceed to learn about your brand.

Send private messages to customers

Facebook Messenger allows you to send inbox to your customers with them being notified immediately. Although email marketing is a tool that many businesses love and use a lot when sending information to customers, the read rate is often 242% higher and click rate is 619% higher if your brand messages are sent via FB messenger.

Inform customers of your upcoming business events

Facebook Messenger is a useful tool to send important information and reminders about your upcoming business events to customers.
Many companies and businesses have used this marketing strategy with Facebook Messenger to promote events, feedback that this solution is actually more effective, getting more registrations than when they send email or text message.
Moreover, this way is completely free and does not take too much time compared to normal promotional activities of your business.

Communicate 1- 1, fast and effective

Facebook Messenger gives companies and businesses the opportunity to dialogue with their customers 1 on 1.
When the Facebook newsfeed is being crammed with too many ads and posts, it makes consumers increasingly bored and discouraged to learn more about brands or products. This has brought many difficulties for companies to reach out to their target customers. With Facebook Messenger, you can reach your target audience easily and intimately without having to suffer too many constraints from Facebook’s advertising policies.

Have an established sales script in advance to make your target audience curious about the products or services your business offers and turn them into your customers.

Use Messenger to provide timely customer service

When people communicate with you through Facebook Messenger , use it as a tool to ease customer problems and get them resolved quickly. This way, your customers have the advantage of getting a quick solution and making a better impression on your company.
Currently, most companies and businesses use Facebook messenger to answer questions as well as handle support requests from customers. You should also be one of them.

6. Facebook Seeding – a secret powerful tool to convert customers

Seeding is a familiar term in the field of Marketing in Vietnam. It helps catch attention and direct the crowd in a certain direction. Facebook Seeding can be understood as a way to create numerous Facebook accounts to chat, create discussions or virtual comments in the favor of certain brands or products. This helps to attract customers’ interest and build more trust in the product or service being advertised.

It may sound a bit “unethical” but seeding on Facebook is an art of marketing mastered by Vietnamese marketers that drives customers to buy products and helps businesses increase sales.

You can seed everywhere on Facebook: on Facebook posts, ads, livestreams, videos or in relevant FB groups. However, to avoid spamming and affect negatively your brand, there are a few things to keep in mind as the followings:

  • Seeding in the most natural way: When performing seeding, it is best to comment on many different posts, change the sentence structures and tone to avoid being hit by Facebook as spam. You should also not abuse seeding too strongly since this may alert customers. Try to put yourself in the situation of the buyer to comment naturally.
  • You can comment to questions that customers often ask about your products/services, but note that you should only answer in general to provoke the curiosity of customers to want more information.
  • Don’t buy tools for seeding. Nowadays with Facebook’s strict censorship, if you seed with tools, it’s easy to be hit as spam.
  • Seeding with actual product images and actual results after experiencing the product will make comments look more trustful

  • Have a team or outsource a service to take care of seeding for your brand. They know the local language and the communication habits of Vietnamese customers on Facebook, so they can run effective seeding campaigns for your brand without sounding alert and “fake”. Moreover, if a branding crisis happens online such as when a complaint from a user goes viral, the seeding team will employ their seeding army to handle the situation timely.

Total spending on digital marketing in Vietnam is currently about $2.5 billion and has a growth rate of 19%. Thus, each year in Vietnam, there are about 50,000-60,000 billion VND spent on online marketing. Facebook is still a main channel in the digital marketing activities for businesses in Vietnam since it is cost-effective and constantly evolving with updated features to suit Vietnamese consumers.

However, new brands especially foreign ones need a lot of guidance to be able to succeed in such a unique and indigenous Facebook environment like in Vietnam.

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