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Why Vietnamese people are addicted to Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network in Vietnam. This article will provide the latest and most important insights on Facebook usage in Vietnam. It will also explain why Facebook is an integral part of Vietnamese social life. Foreign businesses can reach and convert Vietnamese by understanding Facebook. This is the best way to succeed in this market with nearly 100 million potential customers.

Facebook has the largest number of users in Vietnam

The most used social media platform in Vietnam is Facebook. Facebook has more than 80 million users across all age groups. They account for 71.4% of the total population and 89.5% of population aged 13+.

Contrary to western countries where Facebook popularity is declining among youth, Vietnamese teenagers remain loyal to the social network. In fact, more than 50% of Vietnamese Facebook users age from 18 to 34, creating a strong source of potential target customers for foreign brands.

Facebook was established in Vietnam during the Internet boom. This is why Facebook is so popular in Vietnam, where there are 90 million users who have access to the Internet and Technology services. It is evident that Facebook is the top choice for Vietnamese who use mobile apps to quickly reach the Internet for many purposes, including shopping, learning and connecting with friends.

Vietnamese’s usage behaviors on Facebook

According to a study on Facebook usage in Vietnam, Vietnamese Facebook users spend more time using the site than any other website each month.

Facebook is the primary screen

Vietnamese spend approximately 2.5 hours a day on Facebook. This is roughly equivalent to spending twice as much time on TV, and at least an hour more than other media activities.

Multi-screening behavior is becoming the norm. 16 minutes of an hour are spent on TV and the rest on Facebook. People use this time to look at brands and keep in touch with their friends on Facebook.

Facebook drives brand discovery

Facebook is a ‘always-on’ platform for communication and discovery in Vietnam. 2 out of 5 Vietnamese find a brand or product they like on Facebook. Fashion, beauty, food, and travel are the most popular categories that are searched and discussed.

Mums are very engaged on Facebook

Vietnamese mothers are avid Facebook users. They use the platform to connect, communicate and keep in touch with their family and friends. They are more likely to share everyday moments and milestones in life than the average Vietnamese user on Facebook.

Why are Vietnamese addicted to Facebook?

Many functions are available to meet every social and shopping need

Facebook offers so many rich features that meet all users’ needs without them needing to use other social media platforms.

  • Share short or long statuses; upload photos to preserve memories
  • Join Facebook groups to make new friends and share your interests, such as study groups, cooking groups, or job search groups.
  • Keep in touch with family and friends by updating and keeping them informed
  • Updates in your fields of interest
  • Watch entertainment videos, livestreams and gameshows.
  • Shop online for a variety of brands

Facebook regularly updates the most popular functions to keep users engaged and longer-staying. For example, Facebook allowed users to livestream when it was extremely popular several years ago. In addition, Facebook reels were created to rival Tiktok’s virality, especially during the COVID epidemic. Facebook Messenger is also a popular app that Vietnamese people use to communicate with each other and for businesses to connect with consumers.

It is used by everyone

Vietnamese are known for following the crowd. People tend to connect with their friends on Facebook because they use it a lot. Facebook is used for work, study, and relationships. It will be hard to move to another social network if you don’t have many friends active there.

Facebook is so well-known in Vietnam that those over 50 yo choose Facebook as their first-choice social network. This is because their relatives and descendants all use Facebook and have introduced it to them. Facebook is almost an essential component of Vietnamese life, even if it’s not addictive for all.

Flexible privacy settings

Facebook users can choose to share images or statuses publicly or in “only friends can see”, “only me can see” modes. Vietnamese people have the habit of chatting and sharing freely with people they know more rather than with strangers although nowadays young people are somewhat more open-minded.

In conclusion, many Vietnamese people are using Facebook every day as a habit. It will be difficult to find a replacement for this big social network. Foreign businesses should consider Facebook as their first target platform for product launching campaigns.

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