Vietnam Social Media, how to get engagement

Vietnam Social Media, how to get engagement

Make your social media attractive in Vietnam is the key to get engagement.

In vietnam, people must see themselves in the marketing and advertising campaign
Once you have a good idea of your audience’s culture it is time to create a campaign they can believe in and understand. How can you achieve this?

By localizing your content.

Translations are not the only thing that localizes marketing content. Although language translation is essential, it only scratches the surface. Localization means that your business has tailored your campaign to the Vietnamese audience. This means that you don’t use the same techniques in Vietnam as you do elsewhere. This shows that you pay attention to your audience and are listening. You want to tailor their needs.

Here are some notes from Milo’s Vietnam campaign. Milo is an international brand that doesn’t mind localizing its campaigns to suit its target market. Milo ensured that Vietnamese viewers could see themselves in this commercial.

This 60-second TVC received over 600 stories from Vietnamese customers about their children’s experiences with sports. Milo didn’t use child actors. Instead, Milo used real talent and the words of real parents to communicate meaningful messages to their audience. This advertisement was a hit with Vietnamese parents, and it inspired young children to love sports.

To drive sales, your audience must first visualize themselves using your product. Your marketing campaign should answer these questions:

“How does this product assist me in my daily life?” “Does it meet my needs?”

Explore the rising trend in music advertisements

Music is a passion for the Vietnamese. They search YouTube for “karaoke” and spend two hours per day listening to radio and music streaming sites. Marketing campaigns that use catchy songs that Vietnamese cannot get enough of are also growing in popularity.

Dove in Vietnam

Many brands have explored the use of music in online ads. This technique was used by Dove to create one of the most popular TV commercials in Vietnam.

Dove collaborated to Trang, a famous Vietnamese singer, and created a song that inspired women across Vietnam. The commercial encouraged women not to hide their stories and to embrace who they were. The ad received positive feedback from Vietnamese women who said that Dove produces quality music and content.

This strategy was also employed by brands like Strongbow, Samsung and Honda, who collaborated with famous singers from Vietnam.

Music is an international language that everyone can understand. This trend encourages businesses to be creative. The visuals of a brand campaign must be considered, but so must the senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing and smell.

AJ Marketing’s founders also said that music marketing does not only apply to big-label singers. Social media is a great way to discover emerging talent in Vietnam.

Take JSOL as an example. This singer influencer has over 4 million followers on TikTok. He posts song covers and videos about his pets.

Influencers in Vietnam

Find good KOL (key opinion leader)

Find out who your audience trusts, and then collaborate with them
In Asia, influencer marketing is a dominant marketing trend. Because of their authenticity, brands are choosing to use influencers to market their products. People see influencers as people they can relate and understand. Influencers who recommend products to their followers are trusted. These opinions influence the consumption decisions of their followers.

Word of Mouth

Customer reviews and social media engagement are the two most important online purchasing drivers in Vietnam. The Vietnamese market is very open to public and popular opinions when it comes down to products. They value real experiences and not hard-selling ads. 36% of Vietnam’s internet users use social media to search for new products.

Vietnamese consumer like authentic content, social media platforms and influencers are the best way to market products in 2022. Influencers are becoming more popular on social media, which can help increase exposure and convert new businesses in Vietnam. Learn more about Vietnam’s influencers by reading AJ Marketing’s list of the top influencers on YouTube and Instagram.

This strategy is already being used by brands in Vietnam, which serve as examples of success for newcomers to the market. VUS’s campaign is a good example.

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