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The Dynamic Spa Market in Vietnam

The spa market belongs to the top category that brings huge profits every year for many beauty businesses. In recent years, along with the increasing demand for beauty, this has led to the “explosive” development of the spa market in Vietnam. Many foreign investors want to enter this field which increases the competition among spa facilities. What are the opportunities and challenges of the spa industry today? Let GMA share with you the future development of the spa industry in Vietnam in the article below.


In the beauty service industry, although Vietnam has a slower starting point than other countries, it possesses extremely strong development potential. Analysis of spa market research in Vietnam shows that 64.1% of respondents feel unsatisfied with facial contours, 15.8% have breast problems and 7.5% want to change their skin.

In addition, about 30% of the population has received a better education in beauty and body care. Vietnamese people are gradually more comfortable spending money on beauty services. They take the time to go to the spa to refresh themselves, improve their physique, reverse signs of aging, and relax and regenerate energy. This contributes to increasing the search rate and promoting beauty services, making Vietnam a “fertile land” for the strong development of the spa market.

Detailed analysis of Spa market research report in Vietnam

It is no coincidence that the spa market in Vietnam is considered to have a “galloping growth” rate. According to the Spa market research report 2023, statistics on the number of Spas in Vietnam currently have more than 6000 Spa business establishments established. There are more than 20 large private establishments that have opened many branches in all provinces and cities across the country. The revenue of large enterprises in the spa market in Vietnam is currently estimated at an average of 20 billion a year.


Through the data from the Spa market research report 2023 and the statistics of the number of Spas in Vietnam, we can get the most overview of the Spa industry in Vietnam today. In particular, opportunities and challenges when doing spa business are something that investors need to pay attention to.

1) Demand Is Increasing Day By Day

Along with the rapid development of society, Vietnamese people’s living standards also increased, so the demand for beauty and health care is increasing. Whether women or men, they always want a well-balanced look.

Instead of just using home care cosmetics, Vietnamese customers tend to seek more advanced and modern beauty treatments at professional beauty salons. Therefore, as long as the quality of service is good, spa business owners can rest assured that they are not afraid of a lack of customers.

2) Various Types Of Services At the Spa

Spa services develop very diverse, not only skin care, but many Spas also serve many other services such as nourishing shampoo, hairdressing, nail art, massage, sauna, slimming, and white bath, …

Besides, the development of medicine and science, and technology has opened up many advanced beauty and healthcare services, which are enthusiastically received by customers. These will bring many development opportunities for the current spa industry.

3) Intense Competition

Many people will want to participate to increase competition because it is an industry with many development opportunities. Spas that open, whether large or small, have any direct or indirect competitors. from the big names in the industry to other cheap spas of the same size. If the service quality is not guaranteed and there is a uniqueness and newness in the spa business, it is easy to be eliminated.

4) Big Investment Upfront 

Regardless of the size of the spa business, the initial investment is a big problem. Opening a spa requires a lot of different fees, from premises, machinery, and equipment, cosmetics, human resources, marketing costs, etc. If you don’t have enough capital, it will be very difficult for you to open a spa or maintain operations. of the spa in the beginning.

Overall, compared to the challenges, the spa market in Vietnam still opens up a lot of development opportunities. Successful business and standing firmly in the spa market have never been easy. Spa owners always have to learn and change to keep up with new trends to bring the best experience to customers.


When asked how many spa models there are today, many Vietnamese people list different types of spa models such as spa, Japanese-style spa, and vintage. But few people know that these are just architectural styles for Spa.

In fact, Spa has 4 main types: Day Spa, Clinic Spa, Beauty Spa, and Home Spa. Each type is shaped with its own style, has its own characteristics, and has a “personal soul” that is not mixed with any other type.

1) Day Spa 

When coming to the day spa model, customers will still be provided with some of the same care services as a regular spa but with a shorter time, in just a few hours to half a day, it can also be a day if you use more services. 

This category specializes in rest, relaxation, and body care services. The main and typical services of this type of spa include relaxing massage, detox sauna, body care…

The day spa model is very suitable for those who have little time to rest. Although the service time is short and the cost is moderate, you still enjoy full facilities from the sauna, facials, body massage, teas, nuts, and dried fruits. Because of that, the target audience of day spas is very diverse in terms of age and profession.

2) Beauty Spa

This is the most popular spa model in Vietnam today because of the variety of services and affordable prices. 

This type of spa often offers beauty treatments such as facials, whitening, relaxing massage, hair removal, slimming machines, scar treatment, acne treatment, etc.

Beauty Spa is also the number one choice of many Vietnamese customers when choosing a beauty service business. When coming to beauty spas, you will experience beauty treatments such as acne treatment, excess fat reduction, hair removal, skin whitening, etc. However, unlike a beauty salon, a beauty spa will also give you a perfect space to rest and relax. When the mind is relaxed, stress-free, and balanced, it will help the beauty methods you use to bring out their full benefits.

3) Clinic Spa

Everyone in Vietnam knows about Day Spa at an affordable price, Beauty Spa belongs to the Spa line for people with average and good income. Then Clinic Spa has the title of “queen of spa models”. Clinic Spa is a high-class spa model, specializing in providing all kinds of intensive cosmetic services. Using modern technology to overcome the shortcomings of the customer’s appearance with many services such as rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, and liposuction.

To ensure the safety of customers, all treatments at Clinic Spa must be performed by a team of highly skilled, experienced, and long-term medical doctors. Unlike many other spa models, this type requires a clinic, operating room, and post-operative room with modern equipment, ensuring aseptic factors approved by the Ministry of Health.

4) Home Spa

Home spas are spa models installed at home. You will get a room for mental relaxation, health care, and beauty right in your own home. The home spa has an outstanding advantage over other spa models in that you can choose the style and color of decoration for the spa room and rest assured to use the equipment, tools as well as cosmetics chosen by customers


Keeping up with the latest trends in the spa market in Vietnam today is one of the key factors to being competitive in the beauty industry, helping Spas keep pace with customer needs and boost business. collect. Here are some Spa trends in 2023 that are predicted to grow more and more in the future:

1) Using Technology In Beauty

It is not surprising that technology plays an increasingly important role in the spa market in Vietnam. The development and application of technology in multi-functional beauty products, while maintaining the feeling of lightness and minimalism, is becoming popular.

Besides, spa customers now all book appointments and manage schedules based on technology. Skin care, body treatments, materials, and tools used in customer care services are also increasingly advanced thanks to technology.

2) Natural Products Take The Throne

Along with taking care of and maintaining skin health and body shape, consumers are increasingly interested in using natural and environmentally friendly products. Therefore, the demand for green – clean – organic cosmetics in the spa market in Vietnam is increasing day by day.

Spas also fulfill this requirement by using a variety of natural products in their beauty services. Using honey and salt are common examples in salons. These natural ingredients not only bring positive effects to the skin and body but are also safe for the health of the customers.

3) Online Treatment

One of the most explosive Spa 2023 trends today is the online form of treatment. With the online treatment service, customers can connect with experts, and share their health status, medical history, and skin care procedures. Experts will use this information to design treatment regimens, detailed instructions, and support remote treatment.

Skincare products will be delivered to your home, saving customers time and travel costs. This form also brings comfort when customers do not need to appear in crowded places and keep personal information confidential.

4) Aesthetic Services With Scientific Expertise

Customers today are very picky in choosing a beauty spa. In addition to paying attention to the body and skin, health and safety factor is always focused on by customers. They only use products and trust spas with clear scientific assessment, which is safe for health, bring trust to customers, as well as ensure the professionalism and efficiency of the beauty establishment.

5) Spa Wellness

Spa Wellness is a trend in the spa market in Vietnam that fully meets all 5 human senses. It includes:

  • Customers can feel nature sounds, therapeutic music, and meditation music to keep their spirits at ease.
  • Customers can experience the scent of natural essential oils and relax in the most gentle and intimate space.
  • Customers can enjoy special nutritional teas and drinks.
  • Customers can experience skin care treatments from high-quality natural ingredients and products.
  • Customers are massaged and relaxed in the most gentle, comfortable, and peaceful way.


1) Creating A Professional Website Is a Must

Today, customers with needs will actively search for information on the Internet. Google is also the place most users use to search for information. So having a website for Spa is really necessary. The website will be the place to provide all information and promote the spa brand in the most professional way.

Some benefits of building an effective Marketing Spa website are:

  • Promote services and products: The website provides a channel for spas to promote their services and products. Customers can learn about the spa, its services, and its products easily and conveniently
  • Branding: Websites help spas build brands by providing information about the spa’s values, vision, and mission. It helps customers better understand what the spa stands for and creates trust and confidence
  • Increase the reliability of the spa: A professional and informative website helps customers feel confident and secure when using the spa’s services and products.
  • Increase interaction with customers: The website provides a channel of interaction with customers. Customers can contact the spa to make an appointment, place an order or ask a question, and the spa can respond immediately
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and optimization of marketing campaigns: The website provides information about visits, number of customers, and other relevant information for a spa to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and optimize campaigns in the future.

Google is the place that all Vietnamese people go to when they want to look up information, so you should know how to take advantage of it. One of the most effective spa marketing ideas that costs the least is Google Maps. You need to make sure the spa address is displayed on Google Maps so that when displayed it will always be in the first position of the search results.

The address of the spa when the customer search it on Google

2) Website Seo Optimization Helps Spa Reach More Customer

In addition, foreign businesses should focus on SEO to optimize website content so that customers can easily find your spa on search engines.

SEO optimization for spa websites is an important method to increase the reach of the spa to potential customers. You can do the following steps:

  • Keyword Research: Search for keywords that are suitable for spa services and products, helping Vietnamese customers find your spa when searching on search engines
  • Content Optimization: Write quality, valuable content and optimize for the right keywords, help increase the website’s ability to rank and attract customers to your spa
  • Images Optimization Use the right filenames and alt tags for images on your website, so search engines understand your site’s content and increase its ranking ability.
  • Link Optimization: Create internal links to help search engines understand the structure of the website. Also, generate links from relevant websites to increase the site’s ability to rank
  • Create socially shareable content: Create shareable content on social networks to increase the reach of your website and attract customers to your spa.

3) Make The Most Of Social Media – Expanding Your Presence

You can build quality content that is valuable to your readers and turn them into spa customers. For effective spa marketing, you can use many different social networks, depending on the audience your spa wants to reach.

Some popular social networks can be used for online marketing for spas:

  • Facebook: Facebook is the largest social network in the world with more than 2 billion users, and it is possible to create business pages and advertise on this platform. You can use Facebook to share information about spa products and services, share photos and videos, create events and advertise
  • Instagram: Instagram is a very popular photo and video-sharing social network with over 1 billion users worldwide. With Instagram, you can share photos and videos of spa products and services, create promotional posts, and use Instagram Stories to engage with customers.
  • TikTok: TikTok is a very popular short video-sharing social network, especially among young people. You can use TikTok to share videos about spa products and services and create challenges and contests to increase customer engagement.

4) Online Advertising – Reach customers On A Large Scale 

Online advertising is an effective method to market your spa. However, to achieve maximum effect, the spa needs to combine many different online advertising channels. Here are some methods of online advertising for your spa:

  • Google Ads: Google Ads is an online advertising tool from Google that allows you to show your ads on Google’s search results page and on other sites in the Google ad network. You can use Google Ads to advertise your spa services and products, drive traffic to your website, and increase sales.
  • Social Media Advertising: You can use social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to promote your spa. On these social networks, you can create ads, share content, and interact with your customers. You can use features like Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to increase your reach to potential customers
Use online advertising for effective spa marketing

5) Sales Promotion  – Close More Deals

Spa owners can create attractive promotions and incentives such as gift giving, discount vouchers, member upgrade points, etc. to attract customers’ attention and increase customers’ rates of the spa.

Member upgrade point of Seoul Spa

Some large spas have a very high number of customers recommending and inviting friends to the spa for treatment and beauty treatments, bringing huge revenue streams. Therefore, you should pay attention to increasing promotions or discounts when customers go in groups or refer friends to the spa.

Moreover, you need to pay attention and monitor the process of each customer to understand the appointment schedule as well as the appropriate time, thereby recommending the appropriate accompanying services or new services. For example, if a customer is using an acne treatment service, you should introduce an accompanying combo such as skin care – acne treatment – lightening dark skin.

In addition, the spa should have a loyalty program such as birthday promotions, loyalty cards accompanying benefits, etc. The purpose of this is to make customers feel valued and retain customers. long-term goods.

6) Collaborate With Celebrities, and KOLs – Don’t Miss This Hard Trend

Partnering with celebrities, and KOLs to advertise your products and services is one of the most popular and effective spa marketing ideas. You can invite beauties, bloggers, and celebrities to experience the service and pay for spa advertising such as recording videos, writing reviews, and live streams on their own personal pages with a large following.

Linh Anh Spa partners with Miss Grand International 2021 (Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien) to introduce the spa

Thanks to the influence of celebrities, you can market your products to a wide range of potential customers. This is a simple form of marketing but is applied by many Spas and always brings high efficiency.

7) Partnership Marketing 

Cooperation with partners is a way to take advantage of the partner’s customer file to effectively market the spa and increase revenue for the spa:

  • Partner with other beauty shops in your area to promote your spa. 
  • Offer special offers to customers of that beauty shop when visiting your spa. 
  • Partner with hotels and resorts in your area to promote your spa. 

Customers visiting the hotel or resort will be introduced to your spa’s preferential programs.

In addition, there are many other partners such as cosmetic suppliers, sponsors, and other partners such as restaurants, bars, nail salons, hair salons, …. to cooperate and introduce the spa’s products and services.

8) Marketing By Scent

Scent can create a relaxing atmosphere and bring a sense of relaxation to your guests. Use essential oils like lavender, rose, and licorice to create a relaxing and pleasant scent for your clients. You can use essential oils in steam rooms, saunas, and massage rooms to increase relaxation and bring comfort to customers.

You can also use perfumery to create pleasant and subtle scents for your customers and use perfume in waiting areas, steam rooms, and massage rooms to create a relaxing and comfortable space for your customers. Scented skin care products such as lotions, essential oils, and body washes help create a pleasant scent and increase relaxation. You can serve this tea and herb in the waiting area or for customers to use in the steam room.

9) Build A Check-In Area – Let Customers Tell Their Friends About You 

Building a check-in area in your spa is one way to create a unique experience for your guests and help drive engagement and sharing about your spa on social media. Here are some ideas for building a check-in area in your spa:

  • Create wall art: Create beautiful and unique wall art for customers to take pictures of when visiting your spa. Walls should be designed to match the style and theme of your spa and can be decorated with wood pieces or patterns.
  • Create a sitting and waiting area: Create a comfortable and beautiful sitting and waiting area for your customers. This area can be decorated with sofas, coffee tables, and plants to create a relaxing space.
  • Offer drinks and snacks: Offer free drinks and snacks to your customers in the check-in area. This helps your clients feel comfortable and welcome in your spa
  • Provide customized services: Provide customized services to your customers in the check-in area. You can offer services such as skin care or nail care consultations to help your clients find the right service for their needs.
  • Offer customized products: Offer customized products to your customers in the check-in area. You can offer products such as shower gels, lotions, and essential oils with your spa’s signature scent for customers to buy and use at home.


Above is some information about spa market research in Vietnam today, along with the opportunities and challenges of the spa industry that investors need to understand when they want to do business in this field. It can be seen that the spa industry is now an extremely attractive investment place with a large number of customers, and the demand for beauty is constantly increasing. 

If you need help creating a marketing strategy for your spa in Vietnam, please contact us!

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