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Indonesia : Business Tips for entrepreneurs

Today, Indonesian economy is extremely digital.

Over 70% of Indonesians are internet-savvy. Businesses should now consider digital platforms for their advertising and marketing campaigns. The Indonesian market is not without its challenges. However, there are great opportunities.

Indonesian Digital strategy for Small Businesses

Where to Begin: Choose the right platform from the beginning
Make Your Brand Human: Create a character or persona for your brand and make it relatable
Go digital: learn about e-commerce trends, and shift your business to it
Your Audience is Everything – Make your product about your audience! Target, Localize and Implement
Use The Power of Influence to identify the people who can influence your market and work with them to build trust.


It is crucial to choose the right platform at the beginning of your marketing campaign. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to launch a campaign. If it’s not done correctly, the results will be negligible. It would be a waste of your time, effort, or resources. Before you can enter Indonesia’s market, it is important to first ask yourself, “Which platform do I use?”

Let’s now find out what Indonesians do online. Now it’s time to discover which platforms they use and what they do on each one. Indonesian internet users spend approximately 8 hours per day surfing the web. The internet is used by Indonesians to find information, connect with friends, watch online videos and research brands.

67% of Indonesian internet users have researched brands before purchasing. These people search for brands via search engines, social networks advertisements, comments on social media, and brand websites. Because it offers more customer touch points, social media is the best platform for brand discovery. Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are the most used social media platforms in Indonesia.

Before you launch any campaign, it is important to identify your target audience. This will also help you determine which platforms they use most often. Segmenting your audience can be done based on age, gender, sexual habits, likes and dislikes, as well as their character. It is easy to identify which platform you should target once this has been done.

Let’s learn from the success of an Indonesian internet campaign. Pond’s wanted their Acne Solution product to be promoted. Their target audience was teens with acne and skin issues. They were able to narrow their target audience by pointing out that Indonesian teens often watch beauty vloggers via Instagram and YouTube. Pond’s hired 40 beauty bloggers on YouTube and Instagram to share their Pond’s Acne Solutions skincare routine. This campaign received more than 1,000,000 views.

Learn more about Indonesia’s successful marketing campaigns by reading the Top Ten Marketing Trends in Indonesia in 2021.


When it comes to advertising and marketing in Indonesia, brands should think outside of the box. Your brand will stand out from the rest and attract more customers with a creative approach.
Customers from Indonesia are loyal to their brands. Customers choose brands that reflect their personality. Businesses in Indonesia need to create a brand personality. Businesses can connect with their customers by creating a brand personality.

Many companies in Indonesia struggle to create a brand persona on social media. This is especially true for large corporations. These companies use a fictional character to add personality to their brand on social media. This persona relies too heavily on imagery and can become too shallow. Companies must add depth to the brand’s image. Their characters should speak or type as if they were human.

You’ve probably seen Wendy’s Twitter snarky responses, so you know what we are talking about.

Few brands in Indonesia are able to interact with their followers via social media platforms. Automated social media interactions don’t attract people’s interest and attention. You must ensure that your brand interacts with customers in a natural and authentic way.

We can learn a lot from Netflix Indonesia’s Instagram account. The account’s clever captioning of scenes from movies and series was very relatable. In this post , Netflix Indonesia created a meme from a scene from the KDrama My Beloved Summer. This was posted by Netflix Indonesia on Valentine’s Day. The caption roughly means “all single copywriters that have to post today”. Park Jin Joo was seen slamming her keyboard.

This eventually gained attention from Indonesians. Most of them commented on how relatable the account administrator was. Many people even wanted to know how to become an Instagram administrator for Netflix.

The Directorate General of Taxation at TikTok created buzz after reacting to social media video creators showing off their wealth. Below is a screenshot from a video which follows a social trend in which people display their bank accounts balances. The Directorate General of Taxation made a comment, inferring that they are aware of their wealth and taxation. The comment received almost 200,000 likes, and 5,000 responses.

Businesses looking to promote their brand Indonesian can get a lot of attention by simply engaging with their audience. Imagine your business as a person. How would they look? What would their interactions look like with others? This is what you should visualize and don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box.

Your brand can be humanized by more than just posting comments and captions via your business account. AJ Marketing’s founders stressed that fostering a brand image can also be achieved by using people Indonesians trust and know. Influencer Marketing is one way to demonstrate that your brand is genuine, personal, and trustworthy.


It is best to develop localized marketing plans and advertising strategies for each location in order to address the diversity of Indonesia’s population.

The fourth-ranked country with the most population is Indonesia. The country is home to more than 33% of all the world’s population. Marketers and advertisers looking to penetrate this market face a unique challenge. One strategy might work in Jakarta, but not in Surabaya.

Indonesia customer behavior is affected by where they live. Surabaya is twice as likely to ask their relatives and friends for recommendations on products, especially for fast-moving consumer goods. Marketers who want to reach Surabaya must use word of mouth as a channel.

Jakartans are more independent and progressive in their product choices. People in Jakarta, the largest city in Indonesia, are more aware of what products they need. People in Jakarta often find the relevant information they need through reviews and sites they trust. This means that search engine marketing, social media and influencer marketing are all possible options.

This study shows that different audiences have different behaviors and are found in different places. Each group must be understood and your strategy should reflect that. You may believe that this is possible by simply looking on the internet. This is a mistaken perspective. This kind of localization requires inside information from locals.

Tokopedia is a good example of a localized marketing campaign. Tokopedia’s Indonesia Belanja (WIB) campaign was launched in 2021. This roughly translated into Indonesia Shopping Time. Promo materials for WIB feature local culture and traditions. It’s easy to remember the campaign name WIB, as it is the abbreviation for Waktu Indonesia Barat or Western Indonesian Time. This video has been viewed more than 39,000,000 times and is one of the most anticipated promotion periods at Tokopedia.


Invest in social media and collborate with successful influencer in Indonesia. There are many influencers in Indonesia, from tech to beauty, fashion, health, and fitness. Many brands have used influencer marketing, including Shopee and Tokopedia.

Brands are increasing their influencer marketing budgets for good reason. Reports show that 51% of Indonesians believe online reviews from influencers are more trustworthy than paid ads. Online brand research is dominated by social networks in Indonesia. Indonesians rely on product reviews from real, accessible, and relatable people.

Some brands made bigger strides and collaborated more with celebrities and idols than influencers. K-pop culture has a significant impact in Indonesia. Tokopedia has found it to be extremely effective for their brands to work with Korean idols in their campaign campaigns. Their latest video collaboration with Weeekly was uploaded in February 2022 and has been viewed over 400,000 times on YouTube within a matter of two weeks.

Influencer marketing is just like any other strategy. Keep in mind, not all influencers will be able to fit your brand’s needs. Let’s take two examples. One influencer is a gamer who has 5 million followers and the other is a fashion guru who has only 300K followers. Which of these influencers would you choose if you were a clothing company? The fact that a celebrity has millions of followers does not mean that they can represent your company’s values. Quality must also be considered, and not just the quantity.


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