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Facebook the best social media in Vietnam for Business

Do you want to make business in Vietnam? you should not ignore Facebook.

Yes Facebook is the leading social media in Vietnam

Vietnam Social media landscape

This article focuses on the penetration of social media in Vietnam. This demonstrates how brands need to know the Vietnamese’s use of social media platforms. We will also examine the social media platforms in Vietnam that have replaced traditional western channels.

It’s crucial to remember the core of your campaign in a market with many local players. This is your audience and their unique characteristics. Only a solid understanding of the market will help a brand succeed.

We advise to improve your knowledge about facebook and learn how to run better campaigns on facebook on Vietnam.

Social Media Users in Vietnam

  • In January 2022, Vietnam had 76.95 millions social media users.
  • Data shows that the number of social media users in Vietnam increased from 5.0 million to 5.0 million between 2021-2022.
  • The number of people using the internet has increased from 30.7% to 70.3% between 2010 and 2018. (The World Bank, 2018). However, there is still a digital divide because social media use is concentrated in the urban-based population with high education.

A survey of internet users in Vietnam during the first quarter 2022 revealed that Facebook was the most popular social media platform among all generations. Zalo, a Vietnamese social media platform, was second among Generation X. Generation Z was more active on international platforms like Instagram, Tiktok and Pinterest than Generation X or Y.

Vietnam’s social media platforms

Vietnam was one of the top countries for social media use. The country’s tech giant Facebook Inc. is the dominant social media platform. Its platforms Facebook, YouTube and Instagram account for the majority of the top five most active social networks among internet users. Zalo, the messaging app, was the most popular social media platform in Vietnam, and it was also the only brand that made it into the top 5. TikTok, which is slowly rising in popularity, has been a network with the fastest growth in users in Vietnam.

Vietnam Facebook data

In 2022, Vietnam will have 65.56 million Facebook users. In 2025, Vietnam’s Facebook user base is expected to reach 63.90 millions. The user figures were calculated by using data from company filings, press materials, secondary research, downloads of apps, and traffic data. These numbers refer to the average monthly users and can be used for multiple accounts.

These data are an excerpt from Statista’s Key Market Indicators. The KMI is a collection primary and secondary indicators that show the technological, macro-economic and demographic environment in as many as 150 countries and regions around the world. All indicators come from trade associations, international statistical offices and trade press. They are then processed to create comparable data sets (see the supplementary notes below for details).

Vietnam Facebook Business

According to Decision Lab data, Facebook ecommerce in Vietnam has become a very popular social media platform.

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Facebook Business grew by 2%

A further 31% of Hanoi residents chose Facebook to be their first choice for ecommerce services. This is 11% more than Q3 2021 and represents a significant increase in Hanoi’s online shopping habits.

In addition, the report noted that Facebook Commerce was used by 9% more people from Ho Chi Minh City than other key cities like Hai Phong and Nha Trang. However, Facebook commerce in Vietnam grew only by 2%, at 24% during this period.

Facebook is losing ground in Vietnam despite its popularity as an online marketplace. In Q4 2021, the platform lost 11% its position as Vietnam’s primary app-a continuation of a downward trend that began in early 2021. Worse, Facebook appears to be losing Millennial/Gen Z users who are now more inclined to use other platforms like Zalo or TikTok.

“The rise of Facebook as an online e-commerce platform is a result of Facebook’s commercial push. According to the report, Vietnam consumers can trade goods via Facebook Marketplace as well as Facebook shops’ pages and individual merchants.

The chief operating officer of Facebook met with small business owners in Vietnam who use Facebook to expand their businesses.

Vietnamese entrepreneurs use Facebook a lot

In the context of the small business roundtable discussion, Vietnamese entrepreneurs shared their stories about setting up businesses. They also spoke out on the difficulties they faced and the digital tools that helped them grow.

These business owners represented Vietnam’s diverse entrepreneurial community, including working mothers, fresh graduates and professionals who are pursuing their dreams of being entrepreneurs.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economies, and they create most of the new jobs around the globe. Sandberg shared her admiration for the role Facebook plays in supporting small businesses to grow and create new jobs.

Facebook is used by nearly 70% of small businesses in Vietnam

This has helped them to increase their sales, and almost 70% of those who use Facebook begin hiring more employees.

In VIetnam, there are 70 million small businesses that use Facebook.

Vietnam is the ideal place to be an entrepreneur, creating jobs in rural areas that are struggling to find stable employment.

These new insights and best practices have empowered me to continue building my business on Facebook, promoting Vietnamese traditional products, reaching out to more customers in other countries, and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs from Vietnam.

Through collaborations with non-governmental and governmental partners, Facebook has trained over 4,000 Vietnamese small businesses this year.

Through the online Facebook Academy, it has trained over 100,000 Vietnamese people.

Facebook’s Boost Your Business programme and other programmes offer digital skills training for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their business. Facebook committed to expanding the programmes to other cities and provinces of Vietnam in the coming year.

Facebook for Vietnam brands

Vietnam’s vision can be difficult to understand for many foreign businessmen that are struggling to take advantage of the enormous potential of the platform.

Facebook Tips to manage your Page

Localizing your content

This is the most common mistake made by businesses when they enter Vietnam.

They reuse the same content they used abroad.

Use vietnamese , because English proficiency is very low , so it won’t be possible to post content in English.

Avoid Google translate

Unfortunately, “Google Translate” doesn’t do the trick either. Vietnamese has many unique idioms, phrases, and Google Translate is still terribly clueless in this area (although it seems to be improving with time).

You should find a bilingual content marketer. They will make your life so much easier and increase your followers and engagements in Vietnam.

If you have a short caption, you can put the English translation below the Vietnamese one.

Create engaging content

Facebook has had a manifesto since early 2018: “Bring people closer together and create relationships.”

This means that you should fill your News Feed only with posts from family and friends, and not with public content.

Since 2015, Facebook’s organic traffic is steadily decreasing.

Facebook organic traffic is declining. Image Source: BonseyJaden

All algorithms can be changed. This is what we’ve learned the hard way.

If your content is great, it will still be found. It is important to create content people want to share.

These are the three rules that Facebook uses to find you.

The algorithm also loves Facebook Live videos

It is worth the effort to nail your content. It doesn’t have to be difficult.

Optimizing Facebook ads

You could also consider buying Facebook ads if you are not being found organically.

How to optimize your Facebook ads for maximum effectiveness

Each post can be boosted by spending a little bit. This ensures that the post can be able to overcome the algorithm and is shown in the News Feed.

Instead of clicking “Boost Post” on your page directly, you can go to your Facebook Advertising Manager – it does exactly as it says on its tin.

You can test different visuals and copy in your ads.

Give Instant Experience a try. Instant Experience helps you generate leads, direct sales, and direct messages. There are also a few other cool features.

To reach younger audiences, you can distribute your ads via Instagram. But don’t forget optimization.

To re-engage people who have interacted previously with your business, run Facebook Dynamic Ads – make sure to keep posts relevant to help move potential customers down your sales funnels.

Engage with Facebook groups to get the most out of them

There are many ways to play the algorithm.

Facebook groups allow you to speak directly with your audience without having to battle against the noise of the Feed.

  1. Make your own facebook group

Your own group allows your fans to share their values and experience with your brand. Your customers can also use it to get help and share solutions.

You can opt in to the group with your audience and actively seek information and help.

Keep in touch with your group and have a meaningful conversation. If there is something truly interesting happening, users will feel compelled join. Keep your members engaged and active by being a part the conversation

It will take effort, but it is worth it.

To get you started, take a look at our community building guides.

  1. Get involved with industry-related organizations

It takes effort and time to build your own community. But it is well worth the effort. You can choose to join existing communities and skip the work.

It is not unusual for businesses in Vietnam to participate in content-seeding with community groups.

Share only valuable, relatable content. Don’t post too much.

Spam is not something that anyone likes.

If you don’t get banned by the group, your posts may be hidden or dismissed as trash by the audience.

Consistency is the key

We start every proposal we make for a client with a Facebook page audit.

We often see inconsistent visuals or content. This could be because different writers or designers have worked on the same channel.

Although these inconsistencies might seem obvious, if you have brand guidelines or a social media playbook, you will have visual and style guides that will keep your brand on track. These guidelines can be used by the next writer or designer to ensure consistency.

These will become for you as a source of trust with your clients in Vietnam.

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