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Digital in Cambodia: 4 basics tactics Marketer should know

Cambodia is a fast developping country and internet is the new way to drives sales, and create amazing marketing campaign. What is the best digital marketing strategy for cambodia?
Your digital marketing strategy in cambodia is a series of actions that will help you reach your company’s goals via carefully chosen online marketing channels. These channels can include owned, earned, or paid media and all can be used to support a campaign that revolves around a specific line of business.

Although the term strategy might sound intimidating, it is possible to create a digital strategy that works.

A strategy can be described as a plan of actions to reach a goal or multiple goals. Your goal could be to generate 25% more leads through your website than you did last year.

Your digital marketing strategy might include multiple digital strategies depending on your business’s size. Each strategy may have different goals and many moving parts. This simple approach to strategy can help you keep your eyes on the end goal.

Although we simplified the term strategy, it is still difficult to actually build one. Let’s take a look at what a digital marketing campaign looks and then we’ll dive into the seven building blocks that will help you build a digital marketing strategy that will set your business up for success online.

It is easy to mix up your digital strategy and your digital marketing campaigns. Here’s how to tell the difference.

Your digital strategy, as we have already explained, is the set of actions that you take to achieve your overall marketing goal. Your digital advertising campaigns are the actions or building blocks that help you reach that goal.

To generate more leads via Twitter, you could decide to share some of your most-popular gated content. This campaign is part your strategy to generate more leads.

These are some other examples of successful digital marketing campaigns.

User-made videos, earned media in Cambodia is POWERFUL

GoPro’s amazing point-of-view action footage is what makes it so popular. All of this was captured using the company’s fisheye lens. You might not be aware that GoPro didn’t create most of the YouTube video content, but its loyal users.

GoPro encourages outdoor enthusiasts to share their amazing adventures on YouTube by allowing them to upload video content to the channel. This digital marketing campaign continues to promote the use of video to promote the GoPro product line. A lot of the content is created and posted by customers.

The video below has been republished by GoPro. It was awarded to the original shooter as one of the top videos in its category.

Digital strategy: Twitter stories, owned media
While you wouldn’t consider an airline to be a leader in digital marketing creativity, don’t overlook the stories they can share on social media.

Delta Air Lines is a frequent user of social media, especially on Twitter. This account is used by the brand to interact with potential passengers in a variety ways that are both timely, and also emotionally stimulating. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month last month, Delta began sharing personal stories directly via its Twitter feed. Below is the thread that began with one story.

Digital strategy: Paid media and YouTube Preroll ads
To save 15% on your car insurance, all you have to do is say “Geico”. If the marketing campaign is too long, even a company with a memorable tagline could be annoying its customers.

Geico created a series preroll ads for YouTube that acknowledge the ad’s shortness in the videos.

Preroll ads on YouTube are paid content that YouTube rolls 15- to 20 second ads before videos with the same audience. Geico took the opportunity to laugh at itself for taking up so much of your time. While many companies will try to squeeze as much information as possible into their short slots, Geico is not like that. These YouTube preroll ads are quite entertaining. Take a look at one of these ads below.

Instagram tags, owned media

Wayfair, a retailer of home decor and furniture, has an innovative Instagram strategy. Let’s just say that its photos are more than photos.

Companies can use Instagram to showcase a more personal side of their brand. It allows them to lift the veil on the business and show off the people and events that make it what they are. Wayfair’s Instagram account is not just a cultural play, it’s also a page for purchasing.

Wayfair took some of its most beautiful interior photos on Instagram using Instagram’s Product Tag. Then, it tagged them with price and product labels. This digital marketing campaign shows how much each item in the image costs. Wayfair can generate buyers directly from its Instagram account.

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