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The Zalo application is one of the extremely popular applications in Vietnam. However, specifically, what is this application, where does it originate from, and what are its prominent features? Let’s find out with GMA in the article below!


1) What Is Zalo? Which Country’s App Is Zalo?

Zalo is an Over-The-Top (OTT) application that allows users to message and make calls to other users on both mobile and computer platforms. It’s an app developed by VNG – a Vietnamese technology company, introduced to the market in 2012, and has since become an incredibly popular application.

Zalo enables free messaging and calling among Zalo users (Zalo-to-Zalo) who have an internet connection. However, if you are roaming or run out of data, there might be charges. Therefore, Zalo encourages users to use WiFi as much as possible to avoid these fees.

According to statistics from VietNamNet, as of November 2020, Zalo is currently the largest domestic social network in Vietnam, with approximately 60 million users.

The number of people using social media platforms in Vietnam (unit: million people).

2) Key Features Of Zalo for Users:

  • Free messaging with text messages, images, stickers, emoticons, drawings, and more.
  • Free calling with voice and video calls.
  • Connecting with other users through the friend-request feature using phone numbers, usernames, user IDs, and friend suggestions based on location
  • Sharing status updates through posts and moments.
  • Transferring large amounts of data from one user to another, from one device to another.
  • Supporting online teamwork through features like group chats, group video calls, task management (Zalo-to-Do), etc.
  • Direct money transfer through Zalo using ZaloPay.

3) Utilizing Zalo’s Diverse Ecosystem For Marketing & Customer Support

Zalo offers numerous business-supporting features such as Zalo OA (Zalo Official Account), Zalo ZNS (Zalo Notification Service), Zalo Ads, etc. If a business deploys a Zalo Official Account, it means the business can simultaneously utilize all these features to serve its operations. That’s why Zalo is referred to as an ‘All in One’ solution, enabling businesses to ‘operate with one touch,’ streamlining processes and maximizing effectiveness.

  • Marketing Features: Zalo Broadcast, Zalo Post, Zalo Ads
  • Customer Support Features: Zalo ZNS, Zalo Menu
  • Online shopping feature with Zalo Shop.


1) The Definition Of Zalo Mini App

Zalo Mini App is a ‘small program’ that operates directly on the Zalo platform – a widely used messaging and calling application among most Vietnamese people. With the Zalo Mini App, you can easily experience various applications without the need to download or install any other apps on your phone.

That’s why customers can directly place orders, make payments, gather information, receive push notifications, and enjoy customer care services without the need to download an application. It can be said that Zalo Mini App is a leading Marketing, Customer Support, and Business solution for businesses in the current times.

In general, the Zalo Mini App is divided into different categories based on the needs of businesses, such as online shopping, bill payments, flight ticket booking, and restaurant reservations. It can be said that Zalo is a Super App as it can directly integrate multiple Mini Apps from various brands, allowing users easy access by tapping on the Mini App icons within Zalo.

2) The Advantages Of The Zalo Mini App

Implementing a Mini App on Zalo not only helps businesses reap benefits in terms of revenue but also brings several positive values for customers. When mentioning Zalo Mini App, the keywords associated with this platform are ‘savings’ and ‘convenience’. Additionally, building a Mini App on Zalo is becoming a trend. These are the ‘bells’ urging businesses to swiftly deploy digital transformation strategies, such as developing Zalo Mini Apps, in order to avoid being left behind in the competitive market.

Specifically, the benefits brought by Zalo Mini App will be shared below:

a) Cost Efficiency: Saves Three Times More than a Mobile App

The primary concern for SMEs when implementing a Mobile App is the cost. To own a mobile app, businesses might have to invest hundreds of millions, which might not be justifiable as the values and features offered by an app may not necessarily match the cost. In contrast, Zalo allows completely free initiation of a Zalo Mini App. This implies that businesses only need to pay for third-party Mini App design costs. Typically, these costs are less than one-third of what a Mobile App development would entail, making it a much more reasonable expense.

b) Leveraging A User Base Of Up To 75% Of Vietnam’s Population

Customer outreach has long been a challenge for many businesses. With over 70 million users (accounting for over 75% of Vietnam’s population), Zalo stretches from the North to the South, making it an ideal and potent platform for businesses to tap into. With such diverse customer demographics, businesses, regardless of their industry, can find their customers on this platform.

For instance, many businesses deploy mobile apps but often struggle with app visibility. This might require additional marketing expenses to make their app known. In contrast, with Zalo Mini App, your app will be directly visible and promoted on Zalo. For businesses that deploy Mini Apps on Zalo early, Zalo automatically arranges and prioritizes the display position of that app.

c) Simplifying The Shopping Experience For Customers

Customer experience plays a crucial role in business operations. Currently, 89% of businesses compete through CX (Customer Experience). Hence, simplifying tasks and shopping activities leads to customer satisfaction and increased customer retention rates for businesses.

For Zalo Mini App, customers don’t need to download the app, eliminating concerns about phone storage. All they need to do is access the app directly through Zalo. Additionally, Zalo Mini App allows customers to log in quickly using pre-registered information from their Zalo accounts, saving them time on creating accounts and going through lengthy verification steps.

Moreover, customers can search for products, compare prices, make purchases, pay, and receive promotional information, marketing messages, and customer support requests all in one platform, saving time and providing a seamless experience.

Many businesses might consider it bothersome for customers to access Zalo to use the Mini App. However, customers can easily create shortcuts to bring Zalo Mini App to their home screens with a single button press in the menu bar. This way, accessing the Zalo Mini App will be no different from accessing a regular Native App.

d) Supporting Brand Identity Development For Businesses

Building a Zalo Mini App is a way for businesses to increase touchpoints with customers. This will result in more visibility for the business and enhance brand recognition. Additionally, owning a Zalo Mini App helps businesses establish a more professional and credible image in the eyes of customers


For a mobile application, the interface largely determines its success. A standard interface should not only be visually appealing but also optimized for tasks, ensuring the best user experience. If a business has the need to build a Mini App on Zalo, these design principles cannot be overlooked:

1) The Principle Of Simplicity

A phone is a small device. Therefore, an app with too many unnecessary elements, irrelevant tasks, excessive images, and tiny fonts will undoubtedly result in a terrible experience for customers.

Ensure that your Zalo Mini App is sleek to prevent overwhelming customers. Also, carefully choose essential tasks to allow users quick access and easy interaction.

2) The Principle Of Structure

Before designing a Zalo Mini App, a business should select and outline the app’s structure on paper. Choosing the right structure is crucial because different types of apps and industries have specific features and requirements. For instance, in a Zalo Mini App for e-commerce, search functions and voucher notifications should be prioritized and arranged prominently. Therefore, it’s wise for businesses to seek advice from reputable Zalo Mini App design firms like GAPONE.

In essence, businesses should group elements with the same purpose together and eliminate unrelated factors. Additionally, pay attention to how customers use their phones. When scrolling on a phone, customers typically use one hand and swipe with their thumb. Ensure that crucial tasks fall within customers’ immediate view and are within their operational reach.

3) The Principle Of Feedback

While using a Zalo Mini App, various tasks require feedback. For instance, when an order is successfully placed, when an action is performed incorrectly, pop-up notifications, etc. Make sure these feedback messages have easily readable fonts, appropriate sizes, concise and understandable content, and a close button. In many cases, pop-up notifications appear too large, covering the entire screen and making it difficult to find the close button. This obviously causes discomfort to customers and might lead them to exit the app immediately.

Furthermore, there will be instances where customers actively seek guidance, task explanations, general settings, etc. For these needs, ensure that buttons for these actions are easily visible and convenient (e.g., question mark button, three-dot button).

4) The Principle Of Consistency

Consistency not only provides convenience, aiding customers in finding things without effort or remembering but also showcases a business’s synchrony and professionalism. On a higher level, consistency helps convey brand elements such as logos and colors.

For instance, the settings button on the home page and other pages should have the same design shape and be positioned consistently. This way, customers won’t have to search and will easily establish a usage routine.

Additionally, fonts, images, and the overall interface structure of the Zalo Mini App should be consistent. Avoid having contrasting interfaces on different pages.

5) The Principle Of Allowance For Errors

During the app experience, customers may make mistakes (e.g., entering the wrong delivery address when placing an order). Ensure that your Zalo Mini App has functions like undo, redo, and edit. Also, optimize back buttons to allow customers to return to the previous page rather than sending them back to the home page, forcing them to start the process from the beginning.”


It can be said that the features of Zalo are extremely useful. Just by downloading the app to your smartphone, you can manipulate everything you want without having to download too many other apps. Thanks to that, it’s both convenient, and fast, and saves storage space for your phone.

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