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7 TikTok marketing trends in Vietnam to learn for 2023

During the past year we have observed that many businesses no matter well-established or newborn, local or foreign have successfully used Tiktok and its features to increase their reputation and revenues. There are certain strategies and marketing activities that have been used repeatedly and bring positive results each time.

This article compile top 7 trends of using Tiktok for marketing in Vietnam 2022 that you can learn and apply for the next year to come.

Trend #1: Branded hashtag challenges will become more popular

Using TikTok challenges is an extremely effective way to spread the image of the brand and promote its new launches. With this marketing technique, the brand will release a challenge such as: sing, dance cover, duel, etc. to attract potential viewers to participate and at the same time spread the challenge as well as the brand’s campaign message on their own TikTok accounts.

With Branded Hashtag Challenges, Tiktok offers many valuable features for brands such as:

  • Add brand-specific effects (filters and emojis).
  • The landing page contains information about the prize and instructions on how to participate in the challenge.
  • Real-time collect and display results of participating videos

Branded Hashtag Challenges should first be interesting and viral to increase the connection between brands and customers. Don’t try to make them appear too commercial.

Trend #2: UGC is increasingly important for brands

TikTok’s User-generated Content (UGC) are videos made by KOCs or customers discussing the brand’s products and services. Thanks to positive UGC, businesses can convert viewers into customers or brand advocates.

UGC also plays a big role in reaching new consumers. However, to sustain an organic and continuous supply of UGC is a real challenge. Many companies encourage customers to share their reviews on social media and include their hashtag for others to easily check out their brands.

TikTok UGC’s ultimate goal is to help businesses reach and convert Gen Z viewers. Gen Z trusts people they admire and follow, not advertisements.

UGCs are these days an essential part of any marketing campaigns. UGCs should be natural and authentic. Therefore, Micro-Nano Influencers and KOCs are becoming more favorable than Celebs on Tiktok.

Trend #3: Use Duet to connect with one another

TikTok Duet allows users to combine their videos with a trending video of another creator on the same screen. This feature will divide the screen of the user in half and limit his/her content to the length of the other creator’s video.

Tiktok Duet lets users create unique content together with other creators on the platform.

This feature can be used by brands for more creative hashtag challenges and it is also a way to encourage users to interact more with businesses. Brands might also consider partnering up with influencers in order to reach their followers.

Trend #4: Affiliate marketing on Tiktok Shop

TikTok just launched its own Shop version at the end of April 2022.

TikTok Shop is an e-commerce place that supports both businesses and creators. Unlike previous deals with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, TikTok Shop builds a buying and selling ecosystem on its own platform.

The platform allows businesses to sell products including logistics and customer service on Tiktok without leading customers to another e-commerce store to order. Creators can also collaborate with businesses via TikTok’s affiliate program.

Tiktok Shop makes it super convenient for viewers to make orders, and thus helps businesses increase their online sales dramatically.

Trend #5: Advertise but not advertise

Today’s young users are sensitive to ads and will quickly dismiss videos that look like advertising. TikTok also applies policies that limit advertising on its platform.

With this in mind, TikTokers must always be subtle when advertising in sponsored videos, to make ads not look like ads.

Advertisers can use TikTok native ads to blend their ads into TIkTok’s daily content. These videos, if collaborating with Influencers, will look more interesting and natural without viewers realizing they are sponsored videos. Especially, if the video content is appealing, viewers will still thumb up it like other videos.

Trend #6: Longer video formats will become more popular on Tiktok

TikTok allowed users to upload videos up to 10 minutes in February 2022. After allowing users to upload videos of up to 15 seconds, 60 second (2020), and 3 minutes (July 2021), this is TikTok’s fourth move towards longer videos.

This change will open up many possibilities for future TikTok creators. TikTok content will be more detailed than the usual hustle and bustle.

Trend #7: Use paid ads on TikTok

TikTok recently introduced paid advertising. This is great news for businesses trying to reach audiences on TikTok especially if the business is unsure of how to build followers for its Tiktok account.

Here are 3 popular ad formats on TikTok:

  • Infeed Native Content: An ad similar to the ones you see on Instagram or Facebook. This ad will appear on the user’s newsfeed and help them connect with you.
  • Brand Takeovers : This is a pop-up ad when a user opens the TikTok app for the first time. It’s called Takeovers because only one brand in each category can use this type of ad per day.
  • TikTok TopView: TopView captures the attention of TikTok users as soon as they open the app. After 3 seconds the user is allowed to click “Skip ad”.

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