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Top 5 Cosmetics Brands in Vietnam

With the rise of local cosmetic brands, Vietnam’s beauty scene has seen a significant change in recent years. It is not surprising that Vietnam’s cosmetic industry will experience steady growth due to the rise of local brands making products for Vietnamese beauty needs.

Here are 5 inspiring cosmetic brands that are dominating Vietnam’s local cosmetics market!

5. MAC – a favorite high-end cosmetic brand from the US

MAC (Make-up Art Cosmetics) brand is headquartered in New York (USA). With the original orientation, MAC mainly creates products for professional makeup artists. However, the brand has expanded the market and is aimed at all beauty followers in the world. With Vietnam, MAC is no longer strange and seems to be a “hot hit” cosmetic brand for a long time. 

MAC is always at the forefront of creating new makeup trends, with simple yet sophisticated lipstick products, and unique colors with realistic color effects. For that reason, MA.C lipstick is always considered the “darling” of Vietnamese youth today.

MAC cosmetic lines have always focused on the art of color, sophistication, and attention to small details. MAC’s makeup products are also very complete and diverse: lipstick, eyeshadow, concealer, eyebrow pencil, … The products’ prices fluctuate from around 500,000 VND – 2,000,000 VND ( ~ US$ 20 – US$ 100). 

In terms of a marketing campaign, MAC came up with the concept of ‘Be Your Own Queen’ in 2020, taking advantage of the image of singer Hoang Thuy Linh to position MAC as the choice of people boldly, bravely, fearlessly express individual identity in many different ways.

Campaign ‘Be Your Own Queen’ MAC Cosmetics x Hoang Thuy Linh

4. SK-II Cosmetics

SK-II is a cosmetic brand from Japan with the mission of bringing natural beauty to women, freshness, and “flying away” age. With the “beatable” uses, SK-II is getting closer and closer to conquering millions of users. The ingredients in SK-II are extremely natural and do not contain fragrances or chemicals. Therefore, it is very suitable for girls with oily, sensitive, or dry skin.

With the rapid and continuous development of society, the high-end cosmetics industry was born and developed rapidly to meet the high needs of women’s health care and beauty. Despite countless beauty cosmetic brands in the market, the name SK II cosmetics is still popular and trusted by Vietnamese consumers. So what made such a divine SK II? That is the essence of PITERA! Water form is able to absorb very quickly and does not leave any feeling of discomfort when used. What’s more, PITERA penetrates the skin faster than water. A small experiment that is most noticeable when applying a drop of Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) and a drop of water to test this.

SK-II’s products bring a noticeable change after only 14 days, which is one of the advantages to compete with other cosmetic brands. Therefore, SK-II’s products are trusted and chosen by Vietnamese people, especially people in their middle age.

SK-II products are priced from 400,000 VND to 7,000,000 VND (~ US$ 20 – $300). In general, the price of SK-II is quite suitable for you to choose from in accordance with your economic conditions.

The short series “VS” is part of SK-II’s #CHANGEDESTINY campaign with the participation of female Olympic athletes to convey the message of women’s potential to change their own destinies. That year’s campaign was a huge hit and helped the luxury cosmetics brand increase sales by more than 50%, including in Vietnam.

Series 6 episode “VS” with the participation of famous female athletes.

3. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics 

Bobbi Brown was born by the chance meeting of a makeup artist Bobbi Brown and a scientist who researched “non-glossy, non-drying, odorless, and natural colored lipsticks”. Overcoming difficulties and challenges, Bobbi Brown Essentials was born with 10 natural deep brown tones in 1991. Marking a favorable opening for the development of Bobbi Brown.

In 1995, Bobbi Brown was acquired by Estee Lauder, and has grown and is present in most countries around the world and is present including Vietnam. About the design, Bobbi Brown has an elegant and elegant design, on the case is printed with the logo, ingredients, and expiry date, …

Bobbi Brown’s cosmetic line is sought after by young Vietnamese for its good coverage, long-lasting, and good oil control for foundation lines. The lipstick has a standard color, rich in moisture, is long-lasting, and does not cause stickiness or peeling when used.

The price: 300,000 VND – 1,500,000 VND ( ~ US$25 – US$64)

Through the inspirational campaign “Beauty Truth”, Bobbi Brown organized the event, with the presence of KOLs, to bring diverse perspectives on beauty and create opportunities for modern women in Vietnam to understand the power of their own beauty.

2. OHUI Cosmetics

As one of the high-end and expensive cosmetic brands in Korea. OHUI is not too strange to beauty believers of skin care products, and skin makeup with intensive use to help regenerate and nourish smooth skin.

Under the management of LG Household & Health Care, OHUI is present in most countries worldwide, including Vietnam. The design of OHUI has a luxurious and aristocratic style that attracts all eyes.  OHUI’s products are diverse and rich such as skin care, skin makeup, sunscreen products, body care, etc.

With natural ingredients and no chemicals, OHUI gives Vietnamese customers an amazing change. Pink skin, dark spots, and skin imperfections are the actual results when customers choose OHUI.

The price: 300,000 VND – 4,000,000 VND (~ US$13 – US$170)

1. L’Oreal Cosmetics

The famous cosmetic brand from France – L’Oreal was launched in 1909 by engineer Eugène Schueller. However, the first product L’Oreal touted to the single market was hair dye. Then with innovation and development, L’Oreal is one of the world-class cosmetic brands.

Now, L’Oreal’s large and small branches are present in major cities in Vietnam and are increasingly making positive changes. L’Oreal’s products are quite diverse such as hair care products, makeup, skincare products, etc. With soothing ingredients and natural extracts, L’Oreal resonates far in the cosmetic market.

L’Oreal’s products have a mid to high-price segment, suitable for the “pocket” of schoolchildren, students, working people, or other qualified customers in Vietnam.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, “the main female – Because you deserve” communication campaign in Vietnam is deployed by L’Oreal to realize the following goals:

  • Business Goal: Drive revenue and growth across the brand’s skincare, haircare, and makeup categories
  • Marketing objective: Improve the level of Brand Salience, and help the brand image become closer to Vietnamese women.
  • Communication objective: Increase the level of Brand Awareness and Brand Love of L’Oreal Paris Vietnam in the minds of Vietnamese women.

In conclusion, skincare is a topic that always receives the attention of everyone to have healthy and shiny skin. Entering the cosmetics market in Vietnam requires a tailored approach that considers local consumer preferences and the competitive landscape. Considering all the current trends, opportunities, and threats, businesses must prepare a lot to tap into a growing market with a strong potential for future growth.

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