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Top 10 Tiktokers with the most followers in Vietnam 2022

Since launched in Vietnam, Tiktok has been a “trend” among all ages. Vietnamese youth is showing themselves impressively on Tiktok, and many have become the talents that brands are seeking for. Let’s take an in-depth look at the top 10 Tiktokers with the most followers in Vietnam today!

These are 10 hot female Tiktokers who have taken Tiktok by storm with their personal imprints and become trendsetters on social media.

1. Linh Barbie – 18.6 million Followers (@linhbarbie)

Linh Barbie is actually Nguyen Thi Dieu Linh. She was born in An Giang, Vietnam, in 1996. Linh Barbie is attractive with a beautiful face and a height of 1m65. She has appeared in many movies about love and school, including: My girlfriend is a thug, Here I come, Apprentice Nurse, College Sister, The youth of class A1… and impressed the young people.

Linh came to know Tiktok while filming with Kaya Entertainment’s crew. Linh then downloaded the application to create entertaining clips. Linh was charmed by Tiktok and received impressive awards, such as:

  • Tiktok Fashion Master Award presented by Tiktok, 2018.
  • Creation of the Year” award, 2020
  • Tiktok Master in Reaction Film category, 2020

Linh Barbie, the Hot Tiktoker of Vietnam currently has the most followers (followers), reaching 17.8 million. Linh’s videos are loved by the online community and this number is growing every day. Linh’s Tiktok clips cover a wide range of topics reflecting many aspects of Vietnamese young people these days.

2. Tra Dang – 18.6 million Followers (@tra.dang.904)

Tra Dang, real name Dang Thu Tra was born in 1998 in Hai Phong. Tra Dang, a hot Tiktoker in Vietnam with 16.8 millions followers, has a beautiful face and many talents.

Tra Dang is not only beautiful, but she can also sing and dance well. Tra Dang was first known in clips from Tran Du, another Tiktoker. After discovering Tiktok and liking it, Tra Dang realized that she had to invest more in her videos.

Fans are well-acquainted with Tra Dang’s “transformation” trends. She is often compared to hot Chinese sisters on Douyin. Tra Dang was a “phenomenon” on Tiktok, as well as on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

Tra Dang must spend a lot of time choosing costumes, making makeup, editing videos and charismatic acting in order to create these trending transformation videos. The characters she chose to cosplay are diverse from modern to ancient, local or abroad.

Tra Dang’s dancing videos are not only very hot, but also have great music and professional choreography. You may see 2 Tra Dang in a video, but the other is her twin sister Dang Minh Tram. She is equally talented and beautiful, and sometimes she appears with Tra Dand on tiktok clips.

3. Dao Le Phuong Hoa – 13.1 million Followers (@hoaa.hanassii)

Dao Le Phuong Hoa – Hoa Hanassi was born in 1998 in Hanoi. She currently has a Tiktok account with 13.1 million followers. Phuong Hoa, originally a dancer, joined Tiktok and created a strong impact on the online community. She became a well-known Tiktoker.

Dao Le Phuong Hoa is a professional dancer. Although her height is modest, she has a large fan base.

Phuong Hoa currently works at a Hanoi dance center. She is a skilled dancing tiktoker who has created many hot trends for young people who love dancing. Many people call her “Tiktok’s hottest dance instructor”. Tiktok was once awash with the popular dance “Today is Saturday”, choreographed and performed by Phuong Hoa.

Phuong Hoa is not only a skilled dancer, but she also has a stunning and beautiful beauty. She has an hourglass waist which many girls aspire to. It seemed like Hoa went to art school, but she actually graduated from the Faculty of Law – Hanoi National University. Her academic achievements include the Second Prize in Criminal Litigation and the certificate of “Global Leadership”, both from Missouri State University.

Many netizens joke that although her parents wanted her to study Law, she loves dancing. Phuong Hoa, upon graduation, chose to be a dancer and not a lawyer.

4. Gamkami – 9.7 Million Followers (@gamkami)

Gam Kami was a popular tiktoker from Vietnam, and she is known for her ability to play billiards. She is Tay ethnic and her real name is Ma Thi Hong Gam, born in Tuyen Quang, 2000. She currently owns a Tiktok channel that has more than 9.3 millions followers.

Gam Kami is currently studying at Hanoi Law University. Gam Kami has over 10 years experience in billiards, even though you may not believe it. Gam’s family owns this game business. Gam learned how to play billiards 10 years ago and has gradually become an expert in the subject.

Billiards is a game that is usually for men. However, Gam Kami is a billards goddess and won every billiards bet against men.

Gam Kami started playing Tiktok just in 2020. The original clip content was fun for friends, but not very famous. She joined an entertainment company in 2021 and was encouraged to use her strength of playing Billards. This has been a huge success on Tiktok.

5. Tran Thanh Tam: 3.8 Million Followers (@po.trann77).

Tran Thanh Tam is famous for the song “Trứng rán cần mỡ, bắp cần bơ” (Fried eggs need oil, corns need butter”, which has swept the Tiktok platform recently.

Tran Thanh Tam, a beautiful woman from Ho Chi Minh City, was born in 2000. She stands over 1.7m tall and has a pretty face. She has viral clips on over social networking sites.

Thanh Tam currently has a Tiktok account with 3.9 million followers.

Despite her cute images, she is actually a Pharmacist at Hong Bang University Ho Chi Minh City.

Thanh Tam posted flirting videos after the “fried eggs” clip went viral on social media. At that time, she was known as a flirting hot girl. This move however received many negative comments.

Thanh Tam participates in beauty contests despite the negative comments on social media such as The Face Vietnam, or more recently Miss Fitness Vietnam with Le Bong, also a popular Tiktoker in Vietnam.

6. Reency Ngo – 11 Million Followers (@reencyngo)

Reency Ngo is actually Ngo Thuy Linh, a freelance actor who is a hot girl in the Vietnamese online community. This talented girl’s tiktok channel had millions of views and attracted many admirers. Reency Ngo was not only a tiktoker but also took part in short films that featured adorable and beautiful acting.

Ngo Thuy Linh’s martial arts skills are what makes her different from other online Tiktokers. This 10x-hot girl, who was sent by her parents to learn martial arts from a young age, has now become a master in the art. The girl also participated in numerous volunteer activities thanks to her kindness since she was a child.

Reency Ngo dreams of being a talented artist and has participated in numerous films that have different themes. This tiktoker is also a popular advertising face for many well-known fashion brands due to her petite and beautiful body.

Reency Ngo videos often feature short films that have funny or trending content. This is how this little girl can become a dynamic, vibrant, and full-of-life character.

Reency Ngo’s videos have a lot of energy and are funny, playful, and mischievous.

7. Phuong Thao: 5.5 Million Followers (@thaotaotau).

Hot tiktoker Thao Tao Tau, real name Le Phuong Thao, has more than 5.5 million followers. This makes her an influential figure on social media. Let’s find out what we have to say about this Nghe An girl.

Most of videos on Thao Tao Tau channel focus on the little girl’s ability to both sing and cover popular songs. This girl can sing with ease in any setting, including school, restaurants, schools, and other places. The clips are viewed for millions of times and have hundreds of thousand of hearts.

The audience must admit that this hot tiktoker Thao TAO Tau has a natural singing talent with a voice that isn’t edited. Le Phuong Thao’s singing performance after meals was a hit with the online community, thanks to her adorable voice and sweet personality.

8. Viet Phuong Thao: 11.7 Million Followers (@vietphuongthoa98).

Viet Phuong Thoa is a hot tiktoker that has nearly 12 million subscribers. She is a model, YouTuber, actress, and beauty blogger . Viet Phuong Thoa’s tiktok channel has seen a rise in popularity thanks to her videos covering the trend Presidential pretense, and the consequence.

Viet Phuong Thoa has a very ordinary background. The family had a lot of debt so Viet Phuong Thoa had to work many jobs to make ends meet and pay for her parents. After her talent was recognized, Yeah1 signed a contract that allowed her to shine in short video clips. This hot tiktoker girl also took part in beauty contests due to her natural beauty.

Her tiktok channel is loved by many because it has a variety of content. It includes short films, makeup reviews, beauty tutorials and comedy videos. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, it is simple, unflappable and authentic.

9. Vu Thi Khanh Huyen 7.7 Million Followers (@vtkh2004).

Vu Thi Khanh Huyen belongs to a new generation of tiktok hotgirls. She has been praised for her sexiness and adoration by the online community. This tiktoker is adorable with her doll-like features and cute acting talents. She has over 7 million followers and millions of views on social media.

Vu Thi Khanh Huyen’s Tiktok channel does not often focus on her day, but instead shares her beauty secrets, travel experiences and cosmetics. Huyen is a reliable and honest sharer, and has been able to receive a lot support and love from all.

This hot girl’s main goal is not to become famous but to do well in school and get into a top university. This tiktoker is still very serious about her studies and hopes that the public will continue to love and follow her.

10. Tuong Vyy – 10.9 million Followers (@tuongvyy)

Tuong Vy (also known as Ve Ve), whose real name was Nguyen Pham Tuong Vy, is a hot tiktoker who was born in 1998. Tuong Vy has a beautiful face, with large round eyes and a straight, high nose. She also has charming smiles.

Tuong Vy shared clips from movies she was a part of, but also videos about her daily life, including unboxing and reviewing makeup ,… The 25-year old girl received a lot of positive feedback and attention from the online community thanks to her funny and humorous clips. Tuong Vy has almost 11 million followers on her tiktok channel.

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