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The million-view ideas of Vietnamese brands on TikTok & A success formula for Tiktok campaigns in Vietnam

How to create a TikTok marketing campaign that captures viewers’ attention and goes viral on TikTok is a topic worth delving deep into. In this article, we’ll take a look at 4 brands in Vietnam that succeeded with Tiktok and give you some fresh inspiration for your future TikTok campaigns.

POLOMAN – A young local menswear brand went viral thanks to a unique KOL strategy on Tiktok

Users today want more than just to buy. They also want to interact with brands and be entertained. A Nielsen survey found that 83% of people prefer video ads to texts, images or GIFs. Short-form video is therefore a popular communication channel that can bring joy to users and influence their shopping habits.

Poloman, a local men fashion brand in the country, has taken this insight and implemented a KOL communication strategy across multiple platforms with lots of creative and entertaining content to stimulate customers’ curiosity. TikTok is chosen to be the main channel to reach and interact with target customers.

Poloman, however, chose to collaborate with Alain Luu Quoc Tan, a 63 year-old KOL who is famous for his classic menswear style instead of younger hippie KOLs. Poloman has quickly established itself as a leader in Vietnam’s men fashion market thanks to this unique KOL strategy. The “uncle” offers advice on how to mix-match clothes and also tries on clothes before posing confidently in front of the camera. Every video uploaded to the channel at the time was viewed millions of times and received many positive comments.

“Uncle Polo” is fashionable and has a body that is typical for his age. This makes the videos of the company both funny and informative. The brand’s new KOL image creates a distinctive impression and even helps to create fashion trends on TikTok.

Users also easily accessed the brand’s website and e-commerce stores to purchase products.

  • From 0 to 3.2 billion VND revenue across channels
  • 149,000 views of videos
  • 12 million ad impressions
  • 50% increase of first-time customers

Poloman is an example to prove that for new businesses, if you know how to effectively capture and exploit marketing capabilities from video contents that are entertaining to target customers, you can completely stimulate user demand and generate great sales.

Beemart- a local grocery store survived COVID 19 thanks to its smart content strategy on Tiktok

Beemart was founded in 2015 as a small business that specialized in the supply of ingredients and baking equipment to Hanoi. Beemart now has 3 stores in Ho Chi Minh City and 2 stores in Hanoi. .

Beemart, like many other SMBs recognizes the importance to use online platforms for reaching customers. Beemart has invested in websites, blogs, a self-designed app, and Facebook, Instagram YouTube as well as TikTok.

The company sought a way to expand its reach to customers in order to increase sales after the COVID-19 outbreak. Beemart realized that TikTok viewers were interested in food-related content since Tiktok had more than 1.2 million views for #AnCungTikTok hasgtag in June 2021 alone. Therefore, the company chose TikTok to be the key platform to market its brand during this difficult time.

Instead of creating videos that promoted its products, Beemart offered video tutorials on how to make cakes and other drinks at home. These videos encouraged interest and engagement with viewers. Beemart cleverly showcased the convenience of its products into these interesting cooking videos.

To make a tasty and healthy dish at home, users only need to follow the instructions provided in the cooking kits Beemart provided. Beemart products are easy to use and save time for cooking during COVID.

Beemart successfully converted video viewers into customers by directing them to its website for purchase.

  • 24,368 clicks on video ads
  • 404 VND per video view
  • 195% decrease on CPC to the website

Maybelline New York Vietnam – its new line of lipstick made a boom thanks to a smart KOLs & Hashtag Challenge campaign on Tiktok

Maybelline New York’s Vietnam campaign “Mấy bé lì. Chẳng sợ gì” is one of the most successful TikTok campaigns. This campaign was created by Maybelline to promote Superstay lipsticks to a younger audience starting from 16 yo.

The brand first looked at the KOLs that have the greatest influence on their target customers group. The brand’s theme song, performed by TLinh, Yenji and Naomi, used a combination of a Hashtag Challenge as well as Branded Effect to promote the key message.

Its song was popularized on TikTok thanks to their catchy music and powerful coverage from KOLs. To further spread the campaign message, Maybelline collaborated with TikTok’s most prominent users such as Cindy, Mr.Virgo and Tran Thanh Tam. Beside Hashtag Challenge and Branded Effect, Maybelline also used Tiktok’s Standard Ads formats such as Brand Premium, Infeed Ads, and Brand Takeover Ads. These tools are provided by TikTok for commercial partners to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

  • More than 75,000 user-created videos
  • Hashtag #Maybeline reached 19 million Vietnamese users.
  • Video views reached 173 million
  • clicks on ads increased by 31.34%
  • sales of SuperStay product lines increased by 790%
  • online sales increased by 32.4% over the same period the previous year

A typical formula of a viral campaign on Tiktok

1. Effectively utilize KOLs and TikTok’s advertising features

Many brands are using KOLs in their TikTok marketing strategies to expand their reach to KOLs’ existing fan base. Besides, TikTok’s own advertising tools such as Sparks Ad, In-Feed Ad, TopView Ad and more, are combined beyond influencers to reach more customers and create a broader geographical coverage for the campaign.

2. Tiktok’s KOCs further convert viewers into customers

Brands that fully leverage TikTok’s KOCs can speed up the spread of the campaign while also convert viewers into customers thanks to authentic videos from KOCs. KOCs help the campaign generate a lot of buzz and sales at a minimal cost.

3. Giving rewards to stimulate customer interaction and increase purchase decision

Prizes are often used to attract customers to participate in TikTok campaigns.

Moreover, TikTok ads also focus on driving purchasing decisions in addition to incentive prizes. For example, Sparks Ad places brand-related links, such as a download or add to cart button, below the creators’ videos. This increases the potential for conversions.

2 key success factors businesses have to focus on

1. Creative and unique content/ message

Whether it is a luxury or affordable brand, combined with KOLs or not, ideas and content are still the most important factors determining the effectiveness of a brand’s advertising campaign on Tiktok.
Statistics from many reports show that 50% of the most successful Tiktok ads are based on emotions. This means that the content of the brand needs to be authentic; the message is simple and easy to understand; and combine with the appropriate sound effects and filters. It is not enough to keep users watching the video, but also to motivate them to take action and spread the message.

2. Measure the effectiveness of campaigns

An advertising campaign cannot be successful without measurement tools. The offer of accurate measurement tools and techniques is one of the factors that make TikTok a leading advertising platform.

  • Communication effectiveness: Campaign reach
  • Brand effectiveness: Brand awareness
  • Sales effectiveness: Sales generated

Measuring these metrics helps businesses assess the success of their campaigns, thereby making adjustments and changes for subsequent plans.

Don’t miss TikTok with its huge marketing potential and large customer base! Brands can take advantage of TikTok’s powerful customer engagement and develop TikTok campaigns such as Hashtag Challenge or KOLs collaboration to make your brands go viral.

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