Some Successful Luxury Campaigns of Luxury Brands in Vietnam

Some Successful Luxury Campaigns of Luxury Brands in Vietnam

In recent years, the luxury market in Vietnam has experienced a steady expansion, fueled by the country’s robust economic growth and the increase in personal incomes. The market has seen significant expansion, especially in the premium fashion and beauty sectors. Luxury goods, such as designer clothes, handbags, watches, and jewelry, are highly desired by Vietnam’s affluent consumers, who are willing to spend large sums of money on these products.

To appeal to this market, some luxury brands in Vietnam are developing campaigns that emphasize the exclusivity and uniqueness of their products. These campaigns often feature high-quality images and videos that showcase the brand’s products in luxurious settings, such as upscale hotels or private yachts. Let’s dive into exploring some of the most outstanding luxury campaigns in Vietnam and learn numerous key lessons from those luxury brands:

Louis Vuitton – ‘The Spirit of Travel’ campaign

Louis Vuitton’s “The Spirit of Travel” campaign is a global campaign that celebrates the brand’s iconic travel heritage and aims to inspire people to explore the world with a sense of adventure and style. The campaign has been launched in many countries, including Vietnam.

In Vietnam, the campaign was launched in 2019 and featured a series of stunning photographs and videos showcasing Louis Vuitton’s travel products in beautiful destinations around the world. The campaign was designed to appeal to the growing number of Vietnamese consumers who are interested in luxury travel and fashion.

The primary objective of Louis Vuitton’s “The Spirit of Travel” campaign in Vietnam was to reinforce the brand’s position as a leader in the luxury travel and fashion space and appeal to the growing number of Vietnamese consumers interested in these categories. The campaign aimed to inspire people to explore the world with a sense of adventure and style, while also showcasing the brand’s travel products in beautiful destinations around the world.

The campaign’s target audience was Vietnamese consumers interested in luxury travel and fashion. The brand was specifically targeting the growing middle class in Vietnam, who have high purchasing power and are increasingly interested in luxury goods.

Here are some of the most notable marketing activities implemented by this luxury brand:

  • Digital and Print Advertising: Louis Vuitton leveraged both digital and print advertising to reach its target audience. The brand utilized billboards, print advertisements, and digital platforms to promote its campaign.
  • Event and Activations: Louis Vuitton organized a series of events and activations to promote the campaign. These included pop-up stores and exhibitions showcasing the brand’s travel products, as well as collaborations with local influencers and celebrities to showcase the brand’s products in different settings.
  • Social Media Marketing: The brand leveraged social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to promote the campaign and engage with its target audience. The brand also created specific content for social media to showcase its travel products and inspire people to explore the world.

The results of the campaign have not been publicly disclosed. However, it is expected that the campaign was successful in increasing brand awareness and reinforcing Louis Vuitton’s position as a leader in the luxury travel and fashion space in Vietnam. The campaign likely generated significant interest among Vietnamese consumers interested in luxury travel and fashion, and helped to drive sales of Louis Vuitton’s travel products in Vietnam.

Gucci – Cine Gucci Exhibition  

Cine Gucci was an exhibition event that showcased over 400 unique outfits from the international fashion brand Gucci. The event took place at Ho Chi Minh City Opera House and featured many stars such as My Linh, Tran Thanh – Hari Won, Ho Ngoc Ha, Thanh Hang, Lan Khue, etc. Because this is a major and important event, there are only 100 VIP guests invited. Gucci has responded to the desire of its “friends-of-houses”, its most loyal supporters, by providing outstanding performances. This includes contextual design, more than 400 designs and the original creations of the Italian fashion House, which were displayed for four consecutive days.

The masterpieces, Love Parade (Gucci spring summer 2022), which walked on Las Vegas Avenue 6 months ago, and Evening Gown, designed for the world’s illusions at the Grammy Awards, show that style doesn’t have to be defined by distance. You can also attend the exhibition and enjoy outstanding musical and theatre performances, dinner teas, and a royal dinner. This extravagant, lavish party features fashion and music for the wealthy upper classes of Vietnam.

Prior to the show, Gucci had invited celebrities and KOLs from Vietnam’s fashion world to join them. The event was also a promotion campaign that resulted in direct sales for customers. It is clear that this event is exceptional and offers an entirely new experience for loyal customers. They are greeted in an exquisite and luxurious space, and enjoy the most premium care services, such as being advised 1-1 by Gucci’s secret room, watching performances by top artists, and wearing their own clothes designed by Gucci. These delicate touchpoints not only help create a classy fashion experience but also stimulate Vietnamese consumers’ desire for spending and luxury shopping.

Dior – New store Opening Ceremony

The official launching of the Dior store at Ho Chi Minh Union Square took place on January 14 2022, with the attendance of the most famous celebrities, media representatives, influencers as well as fashion lovers. Honored in its exquisite design space are fashion items from the prestigious French luxury brand such as: dresses, accessories, shoes, handbags and high-end jewelry for both women and men. The furniture was designed by Agapecasa, Domeau Peres, Da le Espada, Massproduction, Armenio, holding original works from the Negropontes gallery.

At the opening ceremony of this new store, Dior had a range of personalized services that are always ready to welcome dear guests, making the creations and icons of the Dior brand more unique, from Dior Book Tote to the signature Saddle bags. Through an innovative approach to customers, these experiences will create a new concept of luxury, thus reflecting the exceptional services of the French high-end brand through a combination of new technology and unique savoir-faire. The Dior’s store also includes a preparation area as well as a trial room for its VIP customers. Customers can also personalize their products with Dior Book Tote bags (or Saddle bags), shoes, or some other high-end accessories

In summary, it is undeniable that luxury brands in Vietnam have been successful in their marketing campaigns by targeting the emerging affluent class and focusing on personalized experiences. However, it is critical for luxury brands to have a solid understanding of local culture and consumer preferences to build a strong connection with their customers, and differentiate themselves from their competition. Need an overview of the Vietnam luxury market? Click the link down below!

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