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How to Sell Home Appliance Products in Vietnam

Recently, the use of household electrical appliances has become one of the essential needs of many Vietnamese individuals and households, providing high-profit business investment opportunities for manufacturing companies, dealers, and electrical engineers. And, if foreign companies intend to open a store of family and household electrical appliances to make a profit, the experience in household electrical business introduced by GMA will help them be more successful with the plan.


As Vietnam’s economy experiences rapid expansion, there has been a notable surge in the demand for home appliances in the domestic market. Interestingly, the penetration rate of domestic home appliances remains relatively low, presenting significant opportunities for growth. With the nation’s economy flourishing and per capita income levels on the rise, Vietnam stands as one of the most promising consumer markets for home appliances worldwide. The Vietnamese residents demonstrate a robust consumer consciousness, directing their spending towards essential items such as motorcycles, home appliances, and consumer electronics, showcasing the potential for further market development.

Vietnam’s home appliance import and export markets are set to experience steady growth in the next five years. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 16.62%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$1,229.00m by 2027.

By 2026, it is estimated that the value of home appliance imports will reach $167 million, showing an annual increase of 3.4% since 2021. On average, imports have experienced a yearly growth rate of 13.9% since 2005. The leading importers of Vietnamese home appliances are Germany, Japan, and France.


Currently, domestic home appliance brands are dominating 80% of the home appliance market in Vietnam, while the remaining 20% belongs to foreign brands. Both domestic and foreign brands are experiencing stable and high growth rates. However, within the 80% market share in Vietnam, the majority consists of products from China through partnerships with local businesses such as Sunhouse, Kangaroo, etc. These products have average quality and are priced in a medium to low range.

However, consumer preferences, both in rural and urban areas, have gradually changed. With increasing income and a growing concern for health and lifestyle experiences, consumers are now willing to pay for products with higher quality. Multi-functional electrical appliances are playing a larger role in the kitchens of Vietnamese households. The premium segment in the retail market is experiencing rapid growth, doubling the growth rate of other segments. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for high-quality household appliances has been on the rise. The market is eager for new players who understand deeply the consumer habits of the Vietnamese and offer products of good quality, durability, and longevity


Capturing the potential as well as market demand, premium foreign brands have been actively investing in the Vietnamese market. For example, Elmich, a household appliances conglomerate from the Czech Republic, positioned as a premium brand from Europe with modern, sophisticated, and luxurious designs, has achieved remarkable success. This company has announced an annual revenue growth rate of 25-30%, three times higher than the industry average growth rate (10%).

Furthermore, the household appliance market continues to heat up as large brands from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, and others continuously enter through import, distribution, and retail channels, or execute mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to quickly dominate the market. Notably, the Swedish household giant Electrolux has shown interest in Sunhouse, a domestic company with six factories covering an area of over 40 hectares and an accompanying distribution system. Besides Electrolux, the Haier Group (China), Muji, and Zojirushi (Japan) also demonstrate significant interest in the Vietnamese market.

On the domestic front, some companies have invested seriously and achieved positive results, showing keen awareness of the market, production systems, and existing distribution networks. If they can leverage these advantages and invest seriously in producing high-quality products, Vietnamese enterprises have the opportunity to compete with foreign giants on their home turf. Among the companies listed, Hòa Phát (HPG) recently divested from the interior network and accelerated its investment of over 1,000 billion VND into the household electronics sector, demonstrating the attractiveness of this market. Additionally, there is Nagakawa (NAG), a company primarily operating in the refrigeration sector with air conditioners, freezers, and cooling machines, which has expanded into the household electronics sector and achieved impressive growth.


1) Market Research

Because the specificity of this industry is that customers often buy there wherever they are, the location of the store as well as the needs of customers in the area… are factors that need to be thoroughly researched and evaluated. Specifically, to make a reasonable home appliance business, you need to do the following:

  • Vietnamese customers are different

You have to investigate the market carefully to see what products customers in this industry usually buy. Aside from the products they usually buy, do they have any “hidden needs”? Implicit demand means that customers only have a need for a certain product when the seller introduces it, and normally they do not think that they need to buy that product.

For example, Vietnam is a dynamic market, where consumers like new and modern products, and they can quickly adapt to new technologies. This is the important difference between Vietnam and other markets in Asia – Pacific.

There are also other differences between Vietnam and other markets. Vietnamese people like black household-use products, while other markets prefer white color.

Vietnamese users prefer to use top-loading washing machines instead of front-loading machines. For kitchen tools, Vietnamese induction cookers have demands close to the European market

After the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnamese want bigger refrigerators, which allow them to store more food for a longer time, while electronic devices need to have antibacterial features.

They tend to spend more time with their family and stay at home, therefore, they want to take care of their homes so spending on electronics is expected to rise when the economy recovers.

  • How Competitors are Doing Business

Besides, the companies also need to know information such as customers or where to buy goods. Online or offline? Is the place convenient for customers? Is it close? Is there a variety of products? Good service?

Are there any stores near your location that are your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What products do they sell? Is there variety? What products do they sell best and why? how’s the price? Is their service good? Will I be able to compete with them if I open a store recently?

2) Build An E-commerce Website For Your Brand

When in need of shopping for any items, instead of going around shopping malls or supermarkets, consumers often search for products on Google, check information, and read reviews on online shopping websites to make their purchases.

This buying method is considered much more convenient as customers can shop from the comfort of their homes, offices, or even cafes with an internet connection. Building an E-commerce Website for Home Appliances means that businesses are aligning with the general consumer trend of today’s society.

Additionally, there are other specific benefits such as:

  • Establishing a professional image in the eyes of customers: After building the E-commerce Website for Home Appliances, the sales agents can start running advertisements and creating SEO-friendly content. This helps increase brand recognition and credibility with customers.
  • Gaining a competitive advantage over competitors: When most Home Appliances companies sell their products online, having a website will certainly increase your ability to compete with rivals.
  • Building informative and accurate product content on the website, along with excellent customer care and high-quality products, will undoubtedly attract more customers.
  • Converting potential customers into buyers: No matter which online advertising methods you use to attract potential customers, their final destination for making purchases is your website.

The website contains comprehensive product information and benefits that cannot be fully conveyed through advertising banners. The Marketing campaign’s mission is to attract as many customers to the website as possible. Here is where you will receive and persuade them to buy your Home Appliances.

3) Use Google Ads to Reach Customers in Need

Your website may be complete, and you may have SEO-optimized content on your website, but your brand is still relatively new. Very few or almost no customers are aware of your brand, resulting in extremely low or almost non-existent website traffic! This is when you should consider using Google Advertising tools to promote your website to Vietnamese customers. Utilizing Google’s “tree-house garden” tools will be a wise choice for you.

The purpose of using Google Advertising is to showcase your products, and items, and reach customers with needs. With an effective Google Advertising strategy, your products will appear in the top search positions for users and will automatically display when users have shopping needs.

4) Detailed Product Descriptions are Essential on All Platforms

After capturing product images, you need to write a detailed product description to be posted on websites, e-commerce platforms, etc. You should include the brand name, product code, color, style, dimensions, key advantages, and prominent benefits, as well as the origin, warranty policy, delivery, and after-sales service…

If you’re posting the product on a website or an e-commerce platform, include keywords in the product description. Include keywords like “premium men’s fashion,” “small wooden dining table,” and “brown upholstered sofa” as examples to help your product listings appear in search results.

Clearly information about furniture products on the EU Furniture Website

Furthermore, be honest about the condition of your product, whether it is new or used, repaired or not, and any dents or scratches in specific areas. It’s best to let buyers know the product’s condition; otherwise, they might request returns, causing significant inconvenience for you.

5) Social Media Marketing To Engage with Target Customers

This is the most popular channel with a large number of people participating in these social media platforms, and therefore, it also has the most sales methods.

You can run advertisements on Fanpages, Instagram profiles, or Facebook. Moreover, you can create content in groups with potential customer files to attract them.

When selling online, images are crucial because customers cannot come to the store to hold and experience the product. You need to capture pictures with the best quality, from various angles, so that customers can evaluate the product in detail and realistically. If possible, take photos of the product in use, with real models…

In addition to images, you can create instructional videos on how to use the product and introduce its outstanding features to attract viewers. If viewers find the product interesting and appealing, the purchasing process will happen quickly.

6) Sell on E-commerce Platforms – Low Setup & Operational Expenses

Many individuals are now acquainted with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Sendo, Tiki, and others. These platforms are known for providing reliable shipping services, which has earned the trust of numerous customers in Vietnam.

Vietnamese consumers are drawn to these platforms due to the convenience of comparing prices from various suppliers and evaluating technical specifications across different models. When shopping online, customers tend to prefer well-known brands and reputable retailers. However, it’s important to acknowledge that there have been reported cases of substandard products being sold online, even on prominent platforms. This could be attributed to a large number of sellers on these platforms, which may lead to a potential lack of rigorous product checks by platform operators.

Although online shopping is more popular in urban areas, Vietnamese consumers still have a greater preference for shopping in physical brick-and-mortar stores. These stores offer the advantage of having sales personnel who can assist customers in selecting the most suitable products. Generally, online purchases are more favored for low-cost items like gadgets and accessories, when specific products, especially newly released models, are unavailable in physical stores, or when significant discounts are offered.

Hence, foreign suppliers should be aware of a slight price difference between online and offline retail prices for consumer electronics in Vietnam. Typically, online prices are 5-10% lower than offline prices, as many home appliance retailers, including Sunhouse, offer exclusive discounts for online orders.

7) Consulting Experts and KOLs is A Part of Customer Buying Journey

Influencer Marketing has become an unavoidable trend in the modern era. It’s easy to come across articles and review videos about technology products on Social Networks. Household appliance influencers are continuously shaping consumers’ buying behavior. Brands must proactively adapt and keep up with the game to avoid being left behind.

Prominent electronic brands collaborate with influential figures, such as tech experts, lifestyle bloggers, and popular social media personalities, to endorse their products. These influencers create compelling content, including product reviews, unboxing videos, tutorials, and recommendations, which strongly resonate with their followers, building interest and trust in the brand.

The Lock&Lock citrus juicer, Philips juicer, and blender are indispensable assistants helping vlogger Thanh Tran take care of her large family. She has managed to purchase all of them at heavily discounted prices on Shopee.

By harnessing the influence and credibility of these individuals, consumer home appliance companies can expand their reach to a broader audience, enhance brand awareness, and boost product sales. Influencer marketing allows them to tap into the existing fan base of influencers, who are considered reliable sources of information and recommendations in the consumer electronics industry.

8) No Upfront Cost When Investing In KOCs

Influencers (KOLs) hold prominent positions, and the cost to book them depends on these factors, which can be quite high. Brands are also seeking ways to reduce their investment costs. However, Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) offer a cost-effective solution with high efficiency for brands.

The price gap between implementing KOL and KOC campaigns is quite significant. Therefore, businesses cannot overlook this opportunity, as it allows them to optimize costs while generating revenue. With KOCs, brands only need to pay commission based on the number of successful transactions or the level of interaction they achieve.

KOCs are becoming the perfect bridge, fostering trust between consumers and household appliance brands. This helps eliminate commercial barriers and strengthens consumer confidence in the products.


To summarize, selling home appliances in Vietnam presents a profitable chance for foreign companies, but it necessitates meticulous preparation and implementation. By adhering to the aforementioned steps, international brands can effectively market their appliances in Vietnam and capitalize on the increasing desire for top-notch and varied products. However, it is crucial to remain open to adjustments and adaptable to the local market’s requirements and inclinations, while also ensuring compliance with Vietnam’s regulations. If you seek a local distributor for your household appliances in Vietnam, please feel free to reach out to us!

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