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8 Proven Methods To Sell Fashion In Vietnam

The Vietnam fashion retail sector is valued at US$5.34 billion in 2020, going doubled during 2015~2020. Apparel and Footwear are the two major products with 54% and 33% share respectively. Vietnamese consumers are also optimistic about spending. In a 2019 survey, 50% of surveyed consumers reported increased spending on this category.

In today’s bustling fashion market, how to get customers to choose products from your brand is a difficult problem. One of the most popular ways to increase brand awareness, as well as drive sales, and make a brand popular is to promote it on social media.

Digital marketing in the fashion industry helps your products reach customers, make them aware of your brand, ready to shop, and even recommend your products to friends and family. Here are 8 ways to use digital tools for marketing in the fashion field that any brand, local or foreign need to know.

1/ First thing first, understand your customers

Don’t be afraid to take the time to get to know your customers. Because only when you understand customers, you can know what they need, and get products that meet their needs and requirements. To understand customers is a process, you need to:

Identify your target customers

Who your fashion brands aim at: students, aged between 18 – 23, still receive subsidies from their families so they are very price sensitive. Or is it office workers, aged between 23-35, who already have a stable income and pay great attention to the quality of products and services, etc.

Find out the behaviors, preferences and living habits of your customers

Knowing who your customers are is not enough. You need to find out their behavior, interests, and living habits as well.

When is the time customers can spend the most budget on your products?
How do customers spend time online, how long per day, or at what time frames, and doing what?
What time of the day, and of the year do your customers go shopping?
How are your customers attracted to certain fashion brands? Affordable? A strong style? Or having a lot of positive reviews?

For example, your fashion shop sells clothes to female customers, mainly office workers. As you learn about their behaviors, you realise:

This group of customers usually receive their salary from the 4th to the 10th of every month.
They tend to go online shopping in the evening and especially, they are quite fastidious and care a lot about the quality of the products they buy.
Once you know these things, you can increase sales for your store by:

Offer more promotions from 4th to 15th every month since that’s when customers has the money in their hands and are ready to pay for your items.
In addition, when creating content on Facebook fanpage or website, etc., you should emphasize that your products are of good quality, carefully selected and reviewed positively etc. .

2/ Build an exceptional content strategy on social media

According to Statistics, there are currently 68.72 million Internet users, accounting for 70.3% of the population of Vietnam. Therefore, social media marketing is an optimal solution for fashion brands, local or international.

Facebook Marketing

Most Internet users in Vietnam use Facebook, so this is clearly an online shopping platform that is no longer strange to Vietnamese people.

How to build content for fashion brands on Facebook:

Words used should be simple and easy to understand.
Make the shop’s introduction as brief and concise as possible.
Products and stores’ reviews must be authentic.
Beautiful, attractive visual design.
An interesting idea is to share videos about new fashion trends.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram had a super rapid increase in terms of user traffic back in 2017 and has not shown any signs of slowing down until now. IG is a good platform to post images, so it will be one of the effective and suitable advertising channels for fashion brands.

Leverage popular #Hashtags in the fashion industry to reach more users.

Images is the weapon for fashion advertising on this platform. Therefore, you need to invest in high-quality images that enhance the product’s beauty and appeal.

Tiktok Marketing

Tiktok is a short video platform originating from China, emerging in Vietnam since 2018 and growing now stronger than ever. This video social networking platform is no longer a mere entertainment channel but also a useful advertising tool, especially in the fashion industry.

Marketing on Tiktok requires advertisers to invest a lot of effort in ideas, creativity and content, instead of pouring money into running ads like other channels. On this platform, Tiktok will prioritize showing videos that are high quality, useful to viewers and have a high percentage of users who stay to watch.

A few ideas for Tiktok videos in fashion marketing that you can refer to:

Unboxing videos to show product details
Share advantages of your products.
Share how to choose and mix-match trendy clothes
Share how simple to shop and order with your brands
Incentives and promotions of your brands for customers …

There are many fashion topics to create videos on your Tiktok channel. You should start right away with this super “hot” platform.

3/ Work with influencers to convert their fans

Through influencers/ vloggers/ bloggers, your brand can reach more customers. However, you need to work with the right influencers to create the right content for your brand’s advertising campaign. With influencers being loved for their style, having them wear your brand can drive more sales.

However, choosing the right influencers that fit your brand image is important and challenging. Besides, if the influencers you choose have a scandal, you may also be affected. Going further, brands may choose to partner with influential figures in the fashion/art world to launch a collaborative collection. However, for the cooperation process to be smooth and professional, both parties need to have a contract with a very specific agreement, especially regarding the use of influencers’ images for promotion.

4/ Livestream to sell immediately, and sell more

Livestream is a trend that is loved by many users on social media and is easy to attract customers to watch. This is one of the effective ways to increase sales for your fashion brands.

Livestream is often prioritized to show up on the newsfeed more than articles and images. Therefore, it will attract a lot of people to watch and interact organically.
Livestream helps customers see the products in reality without editing. Therefore, when the model wears a beautiful product, customers will be interested immediately and may close the sale right away.
You can easily communicate and chat with customers to explain more about the quality and design of the product, increasing the trust and reliability.
Currently, there are many social media channels that can be used to livestream such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok… Which livestream channel to choose depends on where your target customers are, your marketing strategy, your goal…

Because it is a live broadcast, you must prepare well before the livestream so as not to be embarrassed.

If you are new to this marketing method, try to watch successful sales livestreams online to learn and gain more experience. During the livestream, you should also share the video to different Facebook groups to increase views.

5/ Invest in good customer service so that customers can’t refuse you

This is definitely something that everyone who is in business must know. Good customer service helps increase sales not only now but also in the future.

First, how you advise customers will affect their purchasing decisions at that time. Show interest and enthusiasm to customers by actively asking for the size, color, and style they want to choose. As long as customers feel satisfied, they can’t refuse to buy.

Next is how you care after they have purchased at your shop. Cleverly ask for feedback on product quality, price as well as introduce new hot trending products at the store so that they remember your shop. If you can maintain a good impression, customers will come back to buy next time.

Finally, deal wisely with customers who have a bad experience when shopping at your store. Actively listen to their frustrations to find the cause and find a suitable solution. This not only helps customers feel respected and thus they will buy again, but also helps your shop spot and deal with problems to avoid them happening again.

6/ Sell on your own website or popular e-commerce platforms

Website is also an effective communication channel for fashion brands. Businesses need to pay attention to regularly update content for Website. Promotions also need to be posted with enough information for customers to refer to. Especially, you can insert Facebook messenger, Zalo or hotline to your website, so that customer questions can be responded as quickly as possible.

Some brands invest in e-commerce on their own websites, meaning that customers can make orders on their websites just like the Shopify business model. If so, brands need to invest in SEO to drive traffic to their online stores.

Besides, selling on the e-commerce platforms is also a cost-effective way to reach more customers. Fashion brands should register to be on Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, Sendo since these platforms pour a huge amount of money to attract traffic and offer numerous deals to increase sales. However, if you want your products to be displayed on the top when customers search for certain keywords, your online commerce store must be optimized for SEO.

7/ Run promotions during the holidays to push sales

Depending on the time of year, you can create a variety of promotions for customers. In special seasons such as Christmas, New Year…, complement your fashion marketing strategy with Facebook ads emphasizing attractive offers. Announce on your online stores and social media that within the next certain number of days there will be offers on certain products such as day one is for shoes, day two for clothes, etc. To encourage customers to invite friends and family, you can add a form of discount when buying together or buying multiple products at the same time.

The end of the year is a great time for parties, so women have more opportunities to wear gorgeous dresses. You can do a promotion program to introduce party dresses with “affordable” prices for ladies. In the summer, beachwear is indispensable. You can create promotions or bundled gifts including sunglasses, beach sandals, hats, sedge bags or sunscreen, scarves… or special gifts for orders over 1 million VND. Customers are often happy when they receive gifts and when they use them, they often think of the brand.

In particular, these promotion programs should be posted on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, your website and your stores on e-commerce platforms… everywhere possible.

8/ Use the giveaway to increase brand awareness

One of the most widely applied ways to stimulate interaction on social media is the giveaway program. Choose an attractive product of your brand and give it to those who interact such as like, share, tag friends. Don’t forget to choose interesting hashtags to spread the word. This is the easiest way to increase followers!

Currently, the fashion market in Vietnam is very competitive with numerous local shops and foreign brands competing for customers. If you do not invest in an outstanding digital marketing strategy, you will not be able to make sales. Hopefully, the tips shared above will help you launch your fashion brands successfully in Vietnam.

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