How to find Distributors in Thailand

How to find Distributors in Thailand

8 Tips for Finding right Distributors in Thailand for your product

  1. Understand Distribution Channels in Thailand
  2. Identify on the Web potential distributors per industry
  3. Work on your online Reputation in Thailand
  4. Send your brochure in english & Thai
  5. Have a Productive First Call
  6. Send Samples and explaning your product benefits
  7. Negociate and close first deals
  8. Deliver products and keep contact to help them to sell
  9. Ask Reorder

Understand Thailand Distributors

Distributors in Thailand are businesses that purchase products from manufacturers and then sell them to other businesses.
The role of Thai distributors is crucial in connecting store owners and brands.
Look for a wholesale supplier that connects you to the manufacturers and products you need, offers prices you can afford, is local, reliable, and trustworthy.

Business culture in Thailand is based on Respect

Find the right Small Business Distributors in Thailand

On Google English, you do not have much information. You have to check in Thai
You may be able to work with one Thai distributor, or many, depending on your business size. It can be difficult to find the right partner. Find a wholesale distributor who:

Connects your products to the Thai business importers

  • Pricing list
  • Thai Website
  • Brochure

Reliable, trustworthy, and easy-to-work with

You must know the products that you sell before you can search for the right wholesaler. Once you have a clear understanding of your needs, you can start looking for wholesalers to help you run your business.

  1. Understanding the Distribution Channels of Your Industry
  2. A product can be shipped from manufacturer to retailer in many different ways.
  3. Wholesalers may not all be able to serve the same market.
  4. You can find the right wholesale Thailand Businesses to fit your online or retail business by understanding your industry’s supply chain and distribution channels. There are many types of wholesalers.

Take into consideration The Distributor’s Margin

Distributors in Thailand care a lot about margin (like every distributors in the world). You need to be able to determine the profit margin of the distributor you’re considering.

It is important to find a distributor within your financial budget to ensure that you both make a profit, and not break the bank.

Ask questions and do some research to ensure that you and your partner can work together well and that you have a good understanding of their profit margin.

Deal with Thai Distributors

There are two ways you can convince a Thai distributor that they want to work with your company. You can sell your first product units on consignment. This is a great way to convince a distributor that you believe in your product and want them to work with you.

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