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5 Strategies Luxury Brands Use To Sell In Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that has been experiencing rapid growth in the luxury market in recent years. The Vietnamese middle class has been expanding and becoming more affluent, which has resulted in an increased demand for luxury products. This has led many luxury brands to focus on Vietnam as a potential market. In this essay, we will discuss five strategies that luxury brands use to sell in Vietnam.

  1. Creating a Strong Brand Identity

One of the most critical strategies that luxury brands use to sell in Vietnam is to create a strong brand identity. Vietnamese consumers are looking for prestigious brands with a strong reputations. Luxury brands need to create a brand identity that speaks to the desires and aspirations of the Vietnamese consumer.

To create a strong brand identity, luxury brands need to focus on building a brand story that resonates with the Vietnamese consumer. This could be achieved through marketing campaigns that showcase the brand’s heritage, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Brands need to create an emotional connection with their target audience, which can be done by creating a unique brand identity that speaks to the Vietnamese culture and values

“Spirit of Travel Campaign” in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam – an advertising campaign released by high-end French fashion brand Louis Vuitton
  1. Localizing the Product Offering

Vietnamese consumers have unique preferences and tastes, which means that luxury brands need to tailor their product offerings to suit local preferences. Brands need to take into consideration the local culture, traditions, and customs to ensure that their products resonate with the Vietnamese consumer.

Localization of product offerings could also mean adapting products to the local climate. For instance, luxury brands could create products that are suitable for the hot and humid climate of Vietnam. Brands could also incorporate local materials and designs in their products, which would appeal to the Vietnamese consumer.

  1. Creating Unique Shopping Experiences

Luxury brands need to create unique shopping experiences to attract and retain customers in Vietnam. Vietnamese consumers are looking for memorable experiences when they shop, which means that brands need to focus on creating immersive experiences that engage all the senses.

Creating unique shopping experiences could include creating visually stunning displays, offering personalized services, and providing exclusive access to products. Brands could also offer unique events and activities, such as fashion shows or product launches, which would create a buzz around the brand and attract customers.

  1. Partnering with Influencers and Celebrities

Influencer marketing has become a popular strategy for luxury brands looking to sell in Vietnam. Vietnamese consumers are highly influenced by celebrities and influencers, which means that luxury brands need to partner with local influencers and celebrities to promote their products.

Partnering with influencers and celebrities could include collaborations on social media platforms, where influencers create content featuring the brand’s products. Brands could also organize events and invite local celebrities and influencers to attend, which would create a buzz around the brand.

  1. Focusing on After-sales Service

After-sales service is a critical strategy that luxury brands need to focus on when selling in Vietnam. Vietnamese consumers are looking for high-quality products, but they also expect a high level of after-sales service. Brands need to provide excellent customer service, including offering repair and maintenance services, as well as personalized attention to the customer’s needs.

Focusing on after-sales service could also include offering exclusive loyalty programs, which would reward customers for their repeat business. Brands could also offer personalized services, such as bespoke tailoring or custom fittings, which would create a unique experience for the customer.

In conclusion, luxury brands need to create several strategies to sell their products in Vietnam. By focusing on these strategies, luxury brands can tap into the growing Vietnamese luxury market and create a loyal customer base. Need an overview or marketing strategy of the Vietnam luxury market? Click the link down below!

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