Top 5 Popular Influencers in Vietnam for Beauty Brands

Top 5 Popular Influencers in Vietnam for Beauty Brands

Vietnam’s beauty and personal care market is vast and growing. And there are many beauty influencers who help the public learn all things makeup and skincare for free. These content creators are seen by their followers as the sole inspiration to help them elevate their looks.

Let’s get acquainted with these Vietnamese beauty influencers!

1. Trang Ngo – Famous Makeup Influencer in Vietnam

Trang Ngo is the face behind the famous Changmakeup channel on YouTube.

She is one of the most prominent beauty influencers in Vietnam and her name is well-known among the country’s makeup lovers.

She started as a lipstick reviewer and has uploaded many lipstick swatch videos. Lip products are one of the most dominant sectors in the Vietnamese beauty industry. Those who follow Trang, they think that her way of talking is very friendly and cute. The page will review all lipstick lines from popular to more advanced in accordance with market needs.

Trang has become a successful makeup figure and opened up her own lipstick line called OFÉLIA.

And now, upon being the most trusted “lipstick swatcher” in the country. Many people rely on her recommendations before purchasing a new lipstick.

2. Trinh Pham – Vietnam’s Established Beauty Influencer 

Trinh Pham is another name for a beauty blogger that we cannot ignore. 

And a… you’ll never guess it – a mom! She doesn’t look like one, does she?

Trinh is known for her OOTD mix-and-match and fashion haul content.

She has also discussed many types of skincare on her platform.

Given her youthful and flawless appearance, it is only natural that her fans would take her skincare advice to heart. In addition to guiding skincare routine steps and effective acne treatment for each skin type, she also specializes in reviewing beauty products, makeup, and clothes.

She is known as a friendly, warm beauty blogger, with a close and honest way of talking. She started a youtube channel in August 2014 with the desire to review some of the products she used with her friends. 

However, after that her videos were received by the community much more than imagined, within a year she gained 50,000 subs. She also often makes videos with other famous beauty bloggers like Loveat1stshine, Changmakeup, etc.

3. Ha Linh  – Vietnam Review Goddess

Ha Linh cosmetic review goddess is a name favored by the online community to Vo Ha Linh.

Vo Ha Linh is known as a Youtuber, a famous reviewer of cosmetic lines, with a very realistic description of the use of the product, so her videos are loved by many young people.

Currently, Ha Linh is considered one of the pioneering and most reputable YouTubers in the field of cosmetic review in Vietnam. The products reviewed by her are of good quality, of clear origin, and especially, they are first used by Ha Linh herself and then introduced to the audience. 


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In addition, recently, a female YouTuber also visited the Tiktoker viewers and also received a lot of positive feedback. The videos that Vo Ha Linh uses on this platform have high views and stable interaction.

4. An Phuong – Beauty Content Creator 

An Phuong is a very famous beauty blogger in Vietnam. Previously, she used to work on Instagram with the Letsplaymakeup, when switching to the youtube platform, 9X chose the name An Phuong to give her channel.

Today, no success comes easy, An Phuong is a generation of beauty bloggers who always build their own brands with a strong personality. She often shares in-depth beauty knowledge for herself, and she also often shares natural and attractive skin care methods with her own voice.

Each video she creates for herself is witty and mischievous but equally professional. For beauty bloggers, beauty is an advantage but not everything.

With a lovely chubby face, An Phuong always makes her followers feel excited with her oriented videos about sharing useful, well-invested cosmetics as well as the lovely shelves she displays the best beauty products. his collection. It can be said that each video she posts is an interesting story about Phuong.

5. Quach Anh – Vietnam’s Talented Makeup Artist and Beauty Influencer

At a time more than 10 years ago, when the demand for beauty in general as well as makeup in particular in Vietnam had not been paid much attention, Quach Anh had tinkered with himself to learn, research and learn the knowledge to serve her passion for makeup.

Up to the present time, the name Quach Anh has had a certain position in the field of makeup and is favored by the community as the “makeup witch” in Vietnam. 

With a professional team that has performed prestigious programs like Miss Vietnam, Dep Runway Fashion Show, The Face Vietnam… She is also an imaging partner with many big brands such as Maybelline, L’Oreal, Shiseido, Bobbi Brown, and Charice… as well as her own brand: LEMONADE

With 4 collections released, Lemonade has made a big splash in the beauty community and made many hearts “addicted” to makeup.

From simple to themed makeup, her magic hands are ready to captivate Vietnamese makeup lovers.

The Vietnamese beauty content creator is a go-to MUA for people learning about makeup techniques.

She even provides content for beginners, including eyebrow and eyeliner tutorials.

She is followed by many in need of makeup knowledge.


To penetrate Vietnam’s ever-expanding beauty market, brands need to work with the above-mentioned beauty influencers. Foreign beauty brands need their help to target beauty and self-care enthusiasts in Vietnam. Because once you leverage their significant influence, your brand will be guaranteed increased awareness and sales. 

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