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3 Successful Marketing Campaigns on Facebook Vietnam 2022

By utilizing effectively Facebook’s various features and products, these following brands succeeded in increasing dramatically brand awareness as well as sales in Vietnam market. No matter how well-established or new-launched brands are, with a smart and right strategy in combination with the existing popularity and marketing power of Facebook, brands can achieve enormous results with this social media.

NUNA’s Campaign “Mẹ thảnh thơi – Bé khoẻ vui chơi” On Facebook


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Spread the brand’s message
  • Connect with young mothers

The key message

“Mẹ thảnh thơi – Bé khoẻ vui chơi”, meaning that when moms have more free time, moms and babes can enjoy more and create happy memories. Wet tissues Nuna are very convenient to use and help moms save time from littlest cleaning tasks. Thanks to Nuna, moms would be able to spend more time with her babies.

Marketing activities

1. Video clip “Mother’s drawer”

The drawer is a sacred place where the child’s stuff is kept. It’s also where the mother stores her thoughts and memories. This drawer of memories concept has been cleverly combined with the “wiping” feature of wet tissues Nuna. When you wipe away the dust of the past, your memories will remain intact.

This video was aired on: Nuna fanpage; 3 Hot fanpages (Eva, Cung Con, MyEva Community), 6 Hot Mother Profiles, and 1 online newspaper. After 10 days, Mother’s drawer has received many positive interactions. The number of views has increased substantially.

The majority of comments were positive with moms praising both the content and the emotional memories. The mothers who shared the clip with captions expressed their appreciation for it, and showed how much they love the message.

2. Minigame: Show off your drawers and get gifts for your baby

The mother keeps all her memories with the baby in a drawer. This helps to recall the beautiful feelings of becoming a mother for first time. To encourage mothers to share warm and touching stories, images, and emotions through the mother’s drawers, there was a minigame called “Show off your drawers and get gifts for your baby”.

Minigames was aired on the Nuna fanpage as well as 4 Hot Moms fanpages. Over the four days, the number of participants increased gradually. The total number of participants in the minigame was 195 at the conclusion of the event.

3. Content marketing on the brand’s fanpage

The main communication channel for the campaign is NUNA Fanpage. It has 3 main content pillars: “Relaxing moms”; “Babies having fun” and “Brands & Products information”.

“Relaxing mom” is a series that provides useful information about how to take care yourself, your baby and your home, so you can be a relaxing mother.

“Babies having fun” provides mother and baby with fun activities that they can do together. This makes every day a festival. It also equips them with useful knowledge that will allow the baby to “show off their talents” on special occasions.

Articles that increase brand awareness and understanding belong to “Brands and Products information” category. Nuna also frequently updates the current promotions.


Positive results have been achieved by the campaign. Customers loved and gave positive feedback on the campaign’s viral clips and minigames.

Clip “Mother’s drawer”:

  • reached 241,000 users on Nuna Fanpage
  • 10,000 video views of at least 1 minute
  • 11,7000 interactions and shares
  • 694,000 reach and 153,000 interactions from Nuna’s social posts
  • 195 users participated in the minigame

Maggi’s Video Ads Campaign On Facebook


Maggi – a condiment brand ran a Facebook video ads campaign to drive brand awareness as part of its integrated campaign to celebrate the 85th anniversary in Vietnam. Maggi Vietnam created this anniversary campaign to increase awareness about its heritage brand and to encourage people to buy its products.

The key message

Maggi Vietnam created an integrated campaign that included TV, out of-home placements, and Facebook. It highlighted a message linking Maggi products with Vietnamese food culture.

Marketing activities

Maggi Vietnam produced a video campaign for Facebook. It featured mobile-optimised versions of its TV commercial. The videos were recut into short vertical videos of 6 and 15 seconds, following Facebook best practices. This campaign targeted women aged 25-49 in Vietnam and was based on frequency and reach to connect several times with them over the course of its six-week run.

Maggi used automated placements to place the ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network. A cross-media study was ordered by Maggi to assess the effectiveness of each media channel in the campaign at both a national and rural level.


Maggi Vietnam reached its target audience with Facebook video ads. The following results were measured using a cross media study:

  • Facebook increased brand awareness 4X more cost-effectively than TV
  • Facebook is responsible for 26% of brand lift nationally
  • Facebook is responsible for 32% of the brand lift in rural areas.
  • Facebook ads achieved 15% greater reach than TV in rural areas

La Roche-Posay’s Live Event Launching Campaign On Facebook


The brand wanted to launch a new product for sun protection and increase sales online with its Live Shopping Event and conversational commerce.

Marketing activities

La Roche-Posay wanted to increase awareness about its sun care products and the ultraviolet (UV) camera, which helps show how well someone’s skin has been protected by sunscreen. They also planned a Facebook Live Event to promote both. The brand creates an advertisement that would run before the event. It would promote the event and allow people to register to receive a notification when it starts. The campaign was targeted at women aged 18-30, who are interested in skincare and cosmetics and live in urban areas in Vietnam.

La Roche-Posay integrated a Messenger Comment Entry tool to its Facebook Messenger. When viewers use the hashtag #LaRoche-Posay in their comments during the Live event, a conversation on Messenger would be started automatically. This would allow users to purchase the product with a unique promo code.

The skincare brand also launched a campaign that clicked to Messenger featuring branded content ads such as information about products and promotions. It encouraged those who had viewed the Facebook Live event within the last 60 days to engage with the brand through Messenger or its website.

To further increase brand awareness, the campaign targeted a similar audience to those who had previously interacted with La Roche-Posay on Facebook.


During the one-hour Facebook Live event, 10,000 people viewed La Roche-Posay Page
Return on Ad Spend increased by 1.8x
Sales increased by 2.7X
Add-to-cart increased by 77%

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